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How to get and test power on my Bolex EBM?

Jordan Langmore

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I recently picked up a Bolex EBM that a friend had had sitting in storage for a few decades. All the pieces seem to be together and carefully stored and kept (pictured below). 

The 2 cell batteries I have seem to go with the power grip. The issue is I don’t know which end is positive and which is negative and I’ve heard using the wrong end can blow the fuse.

I’m wondering how to best test the camera’s electronics with the equipment I have? There is a charger and multiple power sources but I’m unsure of how to safely use and test any of it. 

As mentioned, the equipment has supposedly been well maintained and used very lightly. I’m unsure, however, if deterioration may have occurred with time and if I should invest in repairs and new parts.

Anyone have any insights? Any help would be immensely appreciated


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All those batteries will be cactus after so long.

If you’re unsure how to even check polarity on a battery, I don’t think this is something you can realistically get working by yourself. I would suggest sending everything to a camera service facility like Visual Products or Du-all to get the batteries re-celled and the camera checked and ideally serviced if you want to use it. 

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