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Lomo Suqarefront Anamorphic 35 and 50/75mm Anamorphic Cylinder Glass

Cole Cyccone

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Selling some very clean front anamorphic optics for square front Lomos. I have various single and complete glass groups:

35mm Cylinder set - element 1, Element 2, Element 3+4 doublet nice glass in good shape ($4500 for complete Cylinder) ($2000 for front elements)

50/75mm Cylinder set - element 1+2 doublet, element 3+4 doublet ($4500 for complete Cylinder) ($2500 for front groups)

All glass in good shape. Some slight markings to be expected but great replacements or completes for an anamorphic project.

Also have some original lomo metal work from the front housing in poor condition available for $500 each.

This is just front anamorphic glass, no spherical parts, great for replacements.

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