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FOR SALE: BOLEX REX-4 SUPER 16 + KERN 16-100 1.9

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I sell one of my Bolex with a zoom lens. The camera is in perfect condition and fully functional. Was converted to Super 16 in the Bolex factory some years ago. 

C mount and 10x viewfinder.

Here some photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/150xMYhNsa2v4iRvTmmJf8tazpka3Gx-2?usp=sharing

Asking 5000€

The camera is located in Spain but I can make shipments. 



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3850€ for REX 4 with 10x viewfinder is a bit steep. But it's also S16. I think it'll sell around €3000-€3200 with that zoom lens easily. Everyone is sadly obsessed with the REX 5 cameras nowadays. 😕 

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People have no idea of the Paillard-Bolex H cameras. They had cost around today’s USD5,000 with a normal focal length lens new. The drive spring was relatively new at the time, maybe a year old or two. The spring barrel’s gear was fresh and lubricated. The clutch group’s gears where not too small forces roll over the tooth flanks were also fresh.

After 50 years, if we consider the late models, springs can have become tired, even bear a bend, if one has sat partially wound for years. The drying grease has been pushed off the tooth flanks, gears worn. Turret lever brackets are being bent by brute force because it is not bothered to clean and lubricate the turret. Filter slide grooves can be damaged just slightly but with an influence on FFD. Optics threads can be upened from abuse, only a few hundredths. Claws are easily bent and not readjusted. Film drive sprockets can have damaged teeth.

NEAR MINT descriptives can be blatant lies. The technical value of an H-16 Reflex of the 1960s or 1970s, sans lenses, lies at around USD 800 to 900 maximum. I hate to say it loud but I must: prices above a grand are in most cases just bold. I am aware of the ongoing Bolex craze.

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