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How can I record with the menus & settings overlays on a HVX200?

Jared Hall

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For an upcoming shoot, there’s are some shots that would be ideal if I could record exactly what’s on the screen on my HVX200. Is there any way to set this up on board so it captures the overlays & the video as one shot? Or does it need to be hooked up to a computer with a capture card? Thanks!

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Theres no way to get it directly on the P2 media. Using one of the video outs could go into an external recorder mounted to the camera or to an analog to SDI converter to use with a more modern HD-SDI recorder. That way you're not hardwired to a computer if you need to be moving around. Just make sure you have the on screen info outputting. Menu > Display Setup > Video Out OSD > ON.

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