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  1. Yeah, it is quite dirty. My other rolls were cleaner but they were also processed at a different date. I will give another lab a try on my next roll. Thanks everyone for their responses!
  2. Yes, my eye was to the viewfinder, and it was machine processed. And yeah, that lack of consistency in the leaks is definitely throwing me off. Could be static related. But I have shot some stuff in warmer months that also had similar flashing. Is it possible for a static discharge to be produced by the mechanics of a camera? Fresh raw stock
  3. Hi all, looking for your expertise in helping identify the cause of some light leaking/flashing (I'm not quite sure what to call them). I have shot a few rolls of Tri-x and have noticed quite a bit of random flashes of light happening. Iv noticed the flashes most often appear in the last two seconds of a shot before I cut, but not always. Here is a link to an example: https://youtu.be/zzo9Ox6MQxc The example I posted is one of the worst cases of it, usually it is not near as strong or frequent. My camera is a Arriflex 16ST with a Tobin TM23 motor and an Angenieux 12-120. I shot
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