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Tribe7 Blackwing Bespoke T tuned Set X6 RARE


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Tribe7 Blackwing Set X6 T tuned Custom T tuned
20.7mm, 27mm, 37mm, 57mm, 77mm, 107mm
This set are all T tuned. Custom T tuned. They are very special set. 
when the lenses were made the owner had some adjustments made to the standard tunings.
The edge fall off is slightly different
And the contrast and flares too
But they are very similar to T tuning with a special upgrade. 
That’s why this set is one of a kind. 
Here are more details of the set. 
20.7mm - Boutique lens manufacturer Tribe 7 has added a brand new 20.7mm prime lens to their current Blackwing line of primes. The 20.7mm is now the widest lens in the set. It remains T1.9 like the rest of the set which is respectably fast.
27mm - 1960’s Retrofocus construction
Asahi Super TAKUMAR
37mm- 1950’s retrofocus construction
R1 Angenieux 35mm f/2.5
“I used the 37 for a flashback memory sequence on the upcoming Brave New World show; I found the lens at T1.8 to be so magical, so painterly, so evocative and unique. BLACKWING7 lenses allow for total artistic expression in cinema.”
57mm-1940’s Biotar construction
Asahi TAKUMAR 55mm f/1.8
77mm-1950’s Double-Gauss construction
Schneider XENOTAR
Carl Zeiss BIOTAR
107mm-1970’s BIOTAR / PETZVAL construction
Hasselblad 110mm f/2 PLANAR



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