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Best process to fihish in 35mm

Ernesto Martínez Bucio

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Do you want the least expensive or the best process? Usually you have to choose.


Going via HDTV certainly isn't the best. You should go via a DI - with proper 2K scanning. I'massuming you are starting with 16mm negative - you don't mention that rather important factor.


And you shouldn't need to cut the negative (in the sense of a fine cut). Better to pull full takes for the second transfer, it avoids splices.

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1. RANK one light

2. Editing in MiniDV

3. Cut the negative

4. 2nd. RANK with color correction with transfer to HDTV

5. DATA TO FILM (HDTV to 35mm)


is that correct?

is the best process and the less expensive?




Ernesto Martínez Bucio


Do u have special effects in the film?

If you just have cuts and fades then u should just rank one light with keycode on a dv or whatever media is suitable for your editing suite, cut the negative based on the keycode and then do the colour timing on a film lab and go for blow-up to 35mm release print .(If you negative is 16mm or S16mm)

This would have the less quality loss possible.

Dimitrios Koukas

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yeah a lot of this has to do with the specific look of the film. there are a lot of films shot on 16mm that, through a DI and shooting with longer lenses and slower stocks, can look fantastic as 35mm prints. some films look great with the optical blowup process as the optical step provides a look thats appropriate for the film. there isn't much of a point to do a non-photochemical finish (telecine to HD off of cut negative for a film-out) in terms of color if you aren't doing a DI or tons of effects. if you are going to just telecine in this manner i'd also say you shouldn't cut your negative.

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