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Zeiss Master 16s (Zeiss Digiprimes S16) 7 lens set


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Zeiss DigiPrime Set optimized for use on S16 (self) dubbed the Master 16s.

These lenses were originally made for 3CCD 2/3" sensor HD cameras in the mid 2000s.  They were built with the same mechanical construction and optical standards as the Master Primes.  These lenses shave been used on movies like Benjamin Button and Cloverfield. Now they are now being offered optimized for S16 film or digital use!

Each lens has been collimated and tuned for use with the included highest quality IBE Optics 1.4x Expander / PL converter. This expander/converter expands the original image circle intended for 2/3" sensors for use on a S16 size imager. This high quality converter also converges the light for optimal projection on a single plane as opposed to an image beam splitter on 3CCD cameras where the R G and B light channels were going different directions. The result is a high performance image, highly corrected for chromatic aberration and has no focus breathing.

There are a total of 7 lenses to choose from in this listing:

5mm T1.9 - S16 EQUIV - 7mm T2.4
7mm T1.6 - S16 EQUIV - 9.8mm T2.1
10mm T1.6 - S16 EQUIV - 14mm T2.1
14mm T1.6 - S16 EQUIV - 20mm T2.1
28mm T1.6 - S16 EQUIV - 39mm T2.1
40mm T1.6 - S16 EQUIV - 56mm T2.1
70mm T1.6 CF - S16 EQUIV - 98mm T2.1 (minimum focus about 14")

All have a 95mm front diameter and matching gear positioning. When using these lenses I suggest you install the IBe Converter directly to your camera and switch lenses from the converter (effectively making your camera b4 mount) for ease of use and only take the converter off the camera when switching to a PL lens.  Make sure the PL mount on the adapter and the B4 mount on the lens is all the way finger tight to avoid the lens shifting during shooting from focus gear torque.


I have some examples to share privately if you're interested.


$10,000 for the set located in Los Angeles


Pictures here:https://imgur.com/a/r0q9ZSU


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