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ARRIFLEX 416 Plus Camera Package

Omar Tarek Alarian

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ARRIFLEX 416 Plus Camera Package
Condition Used - like new
Excellent Condition
1 x Arriflex 416 Plus Camera Package
1x Arri Plus Camera Body
1 x 416 Integrated Video System (IVS-2)
3 x 416 - 400ft Magazine
1 x Arri Heated Eyepiece
1 x On/ Off Pistol Grip
1 x Arri 416 Antenna
1 x Arri Clip On Shoulder Pad
1 x 416 Left Rod Bracket
1 x 416 Base Plate
1 x 416 Base Plate Sled
1 x 416 Low Mode Support Set
1 x Handle
1 x 416 On-Board Battery Charger
3 x Power Cable
1 x Changing Bag
2 x 300mm x 19mm Rods
1 x Transvideo Rainbow II Monitor
1 x Hirose 6 to Fisher 4 - Power & Video For Mini Monitor Arri
x 100mm x 15mm Rods 2 x 200mm x 15mm Rods 2 x 300mm x 15mm Rods
1 x Tilta Universal Handgrip System
1 x Large Custom Pelican Case wheels
1 x Medium Custom Metal Case








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