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Timecode Standard Leader question. Please help :)

Iggy Heringa

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I'm editing a ≈40 min short film and need help regarding a timecode matter :)

Since the logos for my picture-locked film are yet to be made/supplied, I wonder if it is ok, to add them at the very last stage of post-production and ignore them in my current edit?
Basically the logos would be added right after color correction and sound mix and just before the DCP creation. 
Or should I create about 20 seconds of logo placeholder time for the beginning of my film, and insert them, once they are created? The issue with this is that I don't know how much time the logos will take up, especially since one might be animated. 

Also, I found the following info here: https://2pop.calarts.edu/technicalsupport/using-standard-leader/ which I intend to use:

Picture start is at 01:00:00:00
00:58:30:00 – 1 minute of color bars and tone
00:59:52:00 – countdown begins
00:59:58:00 – sync pop, also called 2 pop
01:00:00:00 – your movie begins, no picture or sound should start before this

Must I really use the 00:58:30:00 to 00:59:51:24 at all? Can't I just start from 00:59:52:00. 

Summarized questions: Can I insert the logos at the very end of the post-production pipeline (right before DCP creation) AND can I start the lead in at 00:59:52:00?

Thanks in advance and hope to hear back!


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