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  1. No problemo at all 🙂 Have a great upcoming week and all the best too!
  2. Haha. It's a matter of perspective Satsuki! 😉 Obviously, that perfect light meter does not exist, yet and your sarcasm is unnecessary here because I truly believe that there's a market here for other brands to take on Sekonic and provide something that is better thought out. I just wished the 858D would have at least met my expectation of being a decently designed tool. It of course does need to be perfect. Nothing is. It's fine if some features are missing. However, when essential stuff is implemented poorly, it's inexcusable. What has Sekonic done since 2017 and why did they
  3. Hey Satsuki, I have to respectfully disagree :) Some multi-tools are better than others. For an example of a more successful one, take the very successful Audio Devices Mixpre field recorders. These are also, amongst others, audio interfaces! In both instances they are perfectly designed. Pretty much every feature from the hardware & circuitry that any user would ever want is implemented in the software. Nothing is an afterthought. The software interface is also incredible. The designers at Audio Devices are geniuses. Also, what about RGB fixtures? To a degree these c
  4. Yes, it's a multitool but it could have been a perfect one. What's bothersome is that I believe all the necessary tech is present in the Sekonic but it feels like the developers where to lazy (for lack of a better term) to try and make it perfect. It's as if the developers of the Sekonic 858D ran a marathon designing it, and suddenly stopped 30 minutes before the finish line. Not because of exhaustion but due to loss of interest. Stoically speaking that's fine. However, for us users, the users of the tool, it's mega frustrating. I felt for a while like writing a long email to Sekoni
  5. Hey Satsuki, thx for your reply. I'm afraid the same is true for the 858D-U meter, unless someone proves me wrong. It's so odd from a business point of view that Sekonic would have such a function be an afterthought. Especially since it (and other features) would be so simple to implement as long as they'd care to pay someone competent to do that work. Though they market the Sekonic for Cinematographers and Photographers, it seems there are much less afterthoughts for the latter. This is so frustrating. I don't think the Lux/Footcandle reading on the 858D are exact enough
  6. I'll first ask a question: Is the Sekonic 858D-U more sensitive, equally sensitive, or less sensitive to the Spectra Cine IV? Metering in Lux or Foot-candles the 858D-U seems to round the numbers much more. Sometimes it'll round by 50 or 100lux whereas the Spectra Cine has much more decimal information. What the hell? Is there a setting I need to change on the Sekonic? I've gone through the menus many times and have read the manual and can't find anything. It's supposedly more sensitive according to the specs on B&H. Is this marketing crap? There's some thin
  7. Hi Kyle, Thx so much for your help and sorry for the late reply. I actually did not think of getting an Art-Net router but thx to your input and some research it seems like a necessity. Truth be told doing DMX research is a much more complex task than I had envisioned. As far as the Enttec is concerned is there any reason why I should buy that instead of the cheaper DMXking https://www.amazon.com/DMXking-eDMX1-Ethernet-Adapter-3-Pin/dp/B00TDH2DBA/ ? Fortunately there's clones of the Donner Wireless DMX system that have 5 pins so I'll go for one of those and avoid even mor
  8. Excellent, thx so much for that answer! So I guess I'm good to go then with the Donner option. For the time being I'll have to accept dealing with Luminair too. Hopefully future updates will improve it. Oh and by the way, great work on your website! 🙂
  9. Hey guys, I have two questions regarding stuff I want to hopefully get working, and I much hope someone has some experience to share on this :) The first scenario revolves around getting lights with DMX to connect to a wireless network. The second is to control none dmx lights wirelessly. What's kind of paramount for me is to see if this can be done on the cheap. Scenario 1: making DMX lights controllable via 2.4G and hopefully the luminair app So there are various led lights on the market currently ( Aputure, Godox in the lower price segment and much more expe
  10. Does any one here know how to switch the Spectra IV light meter to a factory mode so I can re-calibrate it? I got one from Ebay, which is as good as new, but the metering is completely off and I Really would not enjoy sending this in to spectra to have them re-calibrate it since I've heard they charge way too much money for thast. I assume this is something that I could easily do myself if I would have another correctly calibrated meter at hand. Even if I'd calibrate it according to the sunny 16 rule, the metering would be be better than what it's showing right now... ...I really hop
  11. Hey Michael, Thank you very much for that tip, makes total sense. If you have any extra thoughts to add, def. let me know ;)
  12. I’ll be shooting my first narrative short film, as a DP, upcoming weekend and have researched quite extensively all the options available concerning how to make the lighting more symbiotic with the story. Let me first quickly describe the location, gear and setups and then follow that with a short bullet point list of thoughts and questions. If anyone has the time to help out I’d be super grateful!! Location:Everything in this short film will be shot in one small bathroom that’s 9.9 feet wide, 4 feet deep and about 10 feet high. Please check the attachment I’ve added for a bird’s eye vi
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