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Lenses in A Woman Under the Influence

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Does anyone know what lenses were used on this film? Saw it for the fifth or sixth time recently, and I was wondering. There wasn’t any visual anomalies that would indicate any lens in particular to me, besides two or three shots with subtle zooms. Haven’t found any info online either.

If that’s a dead end, how about Cassavetes’ other films from the ‘70s/‘80s?

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He shot A Woman Under the Influence on an Arri 2C and an old Mitchell BNC, having scrounged whatever equipment he could find so at a guess the lenses would have been the standard cinema lenses most commonly found in the US in the early 70s, something like Cooke Speed Panchros or Zeiss Standards on the 2C handheld shots, maybe Bausch and Lomb Baltars on the Mitchell. A lot of shots were done with telephoto lenses, so possibly also some Kilfitts or long Cooke’s. See:

https://edisciplinas.usp.br/pluginfile.php/5219054/mod_folder/content/0/Cassavetes%2C John%3B Carney%2C Ray. A Woman Under the Influence.pdf?forcedownload=1

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