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  1. Oh interesting. My ACL is definitely louder with film loaded than without, so I just assumed that was the case across the board. Will try with film ASAP. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have a video or audio clip of an SR3 (non-highspeed) running? The SR3 Advanced I just got sounds a bit odd, running at 24fps without film. I’ve only ever been around SR3s while shooting MOS, so I never really paid attention to the noise. Does it sound like this camera needs a service? Is it typically the body or the mags that need servicing when the noise is too much? Video of it running at 24fps without film: https://imgur.com/a/R8Gdkbn I’m going to test with film soon—don’t have any short ends at the moment. It sounds about the same with any of the three mags I have.
  3. I think this link will take you there. Pretty sure you have to join to post anything though. https://facebook.com/groups/242957697717555/
  4. I’m planning on upgrading my SR3 Advanced with an HD video tap. It’s got an IVS currently, but I got lucky and found a video optic elbow (just received it from Brazil). Is AM Camera’s 2K HD Assist the best option? It seems to be about $1k more than the other elbow HD tap options from AZ Spectrum and Visual Products, but I’ve heard it might be a superior tap. Plus AZ Spectrum said it would be a six month turnaround. Is AM Camera’s tap legitimately flicker free at 24fps (rather than “nearly” like the other ones)? Anyone have any footage of it running? How’s pulling focus off of it and the low light performance? Just want to hear some thoughts before putting down so much cash. I know this has been asked a bunch of times, but the HD tap options out there keep shifting.
  5. I recommend you post your sale on the Eclair Facebook group. It’s pretty active.
  6. This was listed back during the Obama administration—I have a feeling it’s sold by now.
  7. Exactly. I’m as big a film fanatic as they come, and yet I pick digital for half my projects! They both can be beautiful—why dismiss either? Now I’m starting to sound like one of those tacky coexist bumper stickers.
  8. Amen to that. I go to 35mm screenings all the time because for a lot of pre-2000s movies it’s the best way to see them, but for my own work, the digital intermediate is a godsend. Yes shooting film costs money, but many people don’t realize just how much we’re saving, and how much more control we’re afforded, with a modern day post workflow. In addition to that, the HD video tap is a wonderful invention that bridges the reliability gap between digital and film production. I have a feeling many of the older members of this forum who blindly dismiss modern-day 16/35 production have not shot with an HD tap!
  9. I don’t think that is entirely accurate with a good modern 4K scan. Edit: Not meaning to argue with you considering you’re a thousand times more correct than the other idiot in this thread, but I just thought I’d point out that the quality of the scan matters in that scenario.
  10. Don’t really disagree with anything in particular, but I find it a bit funny that we’ve been consistently saying motion picture film will cease to exist soon… for the last twelve years.
  11. Wow, thanks for finding all that! I always forget about that CVP tool.
  12. The only time I’d use it for super-35 purposes would be digitally, so likely adapted to a mirrorless camera like my Sigma fp, maybe an Alexa Mini or Blackmagic Ursa at some point. I’ve heard about the mirror issue regarding S16 lenses on 35mm film cameras, so I definitely wouldn’t tempt fate with that. I was just concerned more with sensor coverage. I’m considering buying one for the purpose of using with my SR3 and ACL, but I’m just wondering if I’d also get some use out of it digitally too, considering it’s not a focal length I use too often for super-16 anyway.
  13. Does anyone know if the Super-16 Zeiss 50mm Super Speed MK II covers super 35? Any test footage out there? My 25mm Super Speed comes close to covering.
  14. Looks like a lens hood that’ll screw into lenses with 48mm threads.
  15. Let me know if you decide to sell the set. I believe cameramarket.eu has a 6.6-66mm for sale.
  16. Those multiple angles of him falling in the dirt pit; you were channeling Michael Bay a bit there haha! Great shots!
  17. I shared your sales post with the Arriflex Facebook group, so that might be why there are a bunch of new accounts messaging you. Just wanted to let you know in case you were suspicious of the new accounts.
  18. Not if they want a way cheaper price. I know a lot of people who have rented for their film projects on ShareGrid. Though usually 16mm. Plus the Penelope is pretty obscure, so I wouldn’t expect it to be rented often.
  19. There are four 416s in New York on ShareGrid. I don’t believe there are currently any Alexa 35s available on there. Plus I wasn’t talking about finances—I just meant I’d rather shoot most any project with a 416 over an Alexa 35. This is an art form after all; it doesn’t all have to be about what’s a good return on investment. Of course buying an Alexa 35 would be a better business decision.
  20. I'd take a 416 over an LF any day of the week.
  21. I’m planning on using an SR3 with Rencher’s gold mount adapter (it steps up the battery to 24V). It’s hard to find info online about the SR3’s power draw. How long do you think a 98Wh battery (like this one: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1569419-REG/core_swx_hypercore_neo_9_mini.html) would last at 24fps? Could I go with a battery with a lower maximum load and still get 75fps (the one I linked is 12A sustained, 16A load)? The battery will also be powering an HD video tap, an on-camera monitor, and a focus motor. If there aren’t any specific numbers out there, let me reframe my question—do 16mm cameras need more or less power than a typical digital cine camera? Do they consume power in standby like digital cameras do? Alexa power draw numbers are super easy to find, for instance, so I can figure out generally what batteries I need that way. I'd like to get at least an hour out of each battery. Will be rotating between four. I'd also like to keep it as light as I can for handheld set-ups.
  22. Absolutely wild that the 416 was being sold for this little just six years ago.
  23. Anybody got a video/optic elbow for an SR3? I’ve got an SR3 with IVS about to come in, and I’d like to upgrade it to an HD video tap. It seems like the better (AM Camera) and cheaper (Visual Products elbow version) ones require the elbow. Any suggestions besides AM Camera, VP, and AZSpectrum? I contacted AZ, and they said they have a six month wait right now. The other two haven’t gotten back to me. Also contacted IndieCam, and they said they don't make an SR3 tap, just ones for 416/435/LT.
  24. It is at least visibly a higher definition than the DVD, but it’s probably the same source transfer. They’ll probably do 1.78 for the inevitable 4K release, though, considering that’s what they have done for previous 4K releases of The Shining, 2001, etc. Luckily his movies look pretty great with any aspect ratio.
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