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An easy area of archival preservation to get into is documenting gallery and museum shows - NSFW...ish

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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You know, art shows are only up for a few weeks or months. Most gallery shows are about 6 weeks then they go poof! Like they never existed. If you go to galleries or museums, shoot some photos and upload to the Internet Archive to preserve something of it.

You don't have to make a big deal of it. Ask is photos are allowed, they almost always are, and shoot the show. If you get the display card in the photo you don't have to name the photos. It does not take much time to shoot a show. You are already there, so might as well contribute a bit to the historical record.

Start at the entrance and get some shots.



Throckmorton Gallery NYC 2018

Photo: D.D.Teoli Jr.


You don't have to get artsy with your photos, but you can if you like. Whatever...it is all part of the historical record.



Whitney Museum NYC: Warhol From A To B & Back Again (Candid)

Photo: D.D.Teoli Jr. 2018


If you want to be more anal in nature and a 'just the facts mam' type of documentarian, then do that.



Stifel Fine Art Center: Student Art Show 2022

Photo D.D.Teoli Jr.


While it does not take much time to shoot a show...it can take lots of time to post process if it was shot poorly. When you shoot, try to do a half-ass job with exposure and not having things too catawampus. (You like that word? I learned it from an old hillbilly named Jim. He taught me about process cameras, blueprint machines and vacuum frames back in the old days, when I was a kid starting out in the graphic arts field in the early 70's.)



Entrance to installation at the Museum of Sex for: The Incomplete Araki: Sex, Life, and Death in the Works of Nobuyoshi Araki

Infrared Flash Photo: D.D.Teoli Jr. 2018


While flash photography is usually not allowed. I sneak in some invisible infrared flash photos once in a while. The IR flash really illuminated the ropes...huh!

Reflections are a constant problem along with contrasty lighting. Just do the best you can. Since no one is paying you for your work, whatever you contribute to the historical record comes under the auspices of 'something is better than nothing.' Just don't put up anything embarrassing that may hurt your name, as far as producing low-quality work and have it follow you around on the internet if someone Googles your name.

For me, I put up anything I like. I have no limits. I'm underground and not looking for a job...so I work without any restraints whatsoever as far as content. But I try to only show half-ass, decent work. Beining a social documentary still photographer, I do have standards in that area.



Museum Of Sex NYC: Sculpture of 'Norah' by Shona Mc Andrew 2016

Photo: D.D.Teoli Jr. 2018


Beside circular fisheye, you can also shoot panoramic photos of the installation or joiner collages. If they have video / film running...shoot a video of their video to archive it!




Joiner photography examples: Internet - Fair Use

...and don't forget the outside of the building if it is notable!



Museum of Sex NYC 2018

Photo: D.D.Teoli Jr.

One last thing...

Don't put up any low-res garbage. Put up decent res photos. At least 1 or 2 MB....minimum! You never know when your photo/s will be the last extant record of the artwork / show / whatever and you don't want your legacy to be shit.

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I finished the full post on this subject at my blog. I go on to talk about the sign-in book that many galleries and some museums have at the shows. I also posted a sample sticker and stamps I had used for the sign-in books. One sticker being 'The Birth of Araki.' It may be a little too much in the nsfw area for this forum. So, if interested in stamps and stickers for your brand, name or project, check it out.

An easy area of archival preservation to get into is documenting gallery and museum shows – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. (wordpress.com)

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