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Choosing the right program

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Hello. I am thankful I found this group. My daughter is a junior in HS and interested in a career behind a video camera. She thinks that she may want to work on a film set. However, it does not appear she is interested in production and or directing (although honestly I'm not sure we truly understand what all that entails).  I also wonder how this differs from videography (which I am sure demonstrates my lack of understanding of the industry).

Anyway, our family has no knowledge of this industry and frankly I / we have NO idea where to begin.... Film school, technical institute, in state programs that have programs that appear to be grounded in liberal arts...

I am looking for advice and inquiring if anyone on this forum would be willing to provide mentorship (for example, via zoom) and or consultation (will consider fee for time).

Thank you in advance.

Hope from VA 

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A career behind a camera could mean a lot of different things. All of them have different amounts of creative involvement and demand different skillsets. Probably a good idea to figure out what the goal is, first.

Off the top of my head, choices include:

- Studio camerawork on live (or as-live) television shows, or on sports events


- News production out in the field (yes, these people are wearing bulletproof vests, but that's not... every day...)


- Nature or other kinds of documentary


- Movies and TV shows, on which you could do all kinds of jobs:




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