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Some people really like building things...an $8,000 16mm frame by frame sound cine' scanner from Canada

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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eBay Photo: Fair Use

Amazing what people come up with for solving the scanning cine' film problem. Res is 1.3mp 1280x1024. Too bad it is not higher res.


Have no interest in building things. Just want to get the output as simply, as inexpensively and as quickly as possible. AKA...I'm an end user. But isn't that want most people want? Easy, cheap and fast. BUT...it has to be decent quality. I don't like signing my name to shit.

Even if my brain required complexities in my life...I couldn't afford it and still get my work done. Some people like complexities...their brain requires it. But if we didn't have the brainy people...we wouldn't get the film scanners built!





Statue of Liberation through Christ, Memphis TN 2016

Selection from The Americans...60 years after Frank artist's book.


D.D.Teoli Jr.


I had boondocked outside of Memphis at a Loves truck stop parking lot. I got into Memphis about 9AM. The sun was behind the statue. No time to screw around waiting for the lighting to change. I scouted the best option for 15 minutes and this was the result. Within 20 minutes of my arrival, I was on the road. I drove by Graceland and got a few shots of the graffiti wall. By 5.30PM I was in Paris, TX. Barely enough time to get some shots at that destination before sunset...light was failing fast. 

....and was back on the road again.

3000 miles, $500 in gas, boondocked all the way. Showers at truck stops for $15 a pop. Most of my time for the project was spent on both coasts. But one can't neglect Mid-America and still get a proper snapshot of America. 


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