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I'm thinking the best test for scanner registration is to scan a lot of the sprockets as well as the image.

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Seeing the registration of the sprockets pretty much says it all with a cine' scan...at least that is what I'm thinking.

I was scanning an old 1930's 8mm called El Perro Masajista aka The Mexican Massage Dog. It is in pretty rough shape. So, I thought I'd do something different and scan about 3/4 of the sprockets and a thin black border around the frame to be more artsy and / or distract a little from the low I.Q. Normally I would not even bother with a film like this, but it is pretty rare. It is an old stag...so you can figure out what it is about. 

I had never scanned so much of the sprockets before. When I looked at it, I was pretty impressed with the Retroscan's registration, even with clear edge film. I thought the Retroscan registration was bad due to a jumpy picture. But it occurred to me, since a lot of these films I get are duped and duped and duped, the poor registration of the image is built into the film copy. Even with rock steady registration in the scan, the image jumps around because the image has been duped to death in haphazard ways.







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