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My super 8 camera draws attention at Target

Patrick Cooper

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I know this is very random but I can't help but be amused by a little incident that occurred a number of years ago in Adelaide, South Australia. This was when I was shooting super 8 on a regular basis (in the days when Kodachrome 40 was around.) I was browsing the shelves at Target and I had my Eumig Nautica in my bag. Around this time period, there were staff members (usually middle aged women) standing near the exit / entry doors who would check customers bags for stolen goods. When I was just about to exit, one of these women asked me to open my bag and she had a full on view of my Eumig Nautica inside. She studied the camera really carefully and intently. She spent around 7 - 9 seconds looking at the camera before she gave me the okay to exit through the door. Considering how much time she spent with her examination of my Nautica and how focused she was, I can only assume she thought that there was a possibility that this 1970s movie camera could have been stolen from the shelves of this retail establishment. By the way, this would have been around the late 90s / 2000s.

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