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What does Lasergraphics do with their old trade-in scanners...anyone ever buy one?


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Nice photo Robert, I like the way you use the camera column to hold the tape too - very practical, and you can see how the rollers are the same. They are in different overall transports/pathways though which would seem to represent the result of continued R&D (the capstan on the SSP and Archivist are on opposite sides for example). That's one of the design issues with the HDS+ - where the "wetgate sponges" go isn't ideal, and as Tyler as mentioned neither is the placement of the laser, but they haven't modified the pathway to deal with this.

Here's a pic of one of the very first Filmfabriek Film Müller Framescanners, purchased by the Internet Archive:


That was the first one in the US at least and interestingly even it had the wetgate sponges in the same spot way back in 2011. The film path though similar to the HDS+ is a clearly a little different.

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