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Kowa 16-H with Helios44-2, Rapido FMJ, Rapido RMJ, FVD-16A and HTN adapter EF/PL

David Hessel

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Kowa 16-H with Helios44-2, Rapido FMJ, Rapido RMJ, FVD-16A and HTN adapter EF/PL
07-06-2022, 09:35 AM
Location: Colorado

For sale is a Kowa 16-H that comes with a Helios 44-2 and the full set of Rapido accessories allowing you to convert this into a solid single piece lens. Additionally, it comes with the HTN locking front adapter for the Kowa 16-H, this provides a filter thread for mounting the FVD-16A and locks the focus of the Kowa to prevent accidental focus changes. This setup in combination with provided setup in rings allows you to connect the Helios to the Kowa into a single solid lens but with the additional freedom of being able to adjust the focus of both the Helios and Kowa to allow for much closer focusing. Usually you set the Kowa and Helios to infinity and focus using the FVD-16A to a minimum of 3.3 feet but with this alternate setup you can set the Kowa and Helios to a focus of 5 feet and then use the FVD-16A to focus from 5 feet to under 2 feet. This setup is also smaller and lighter than using the full Rapido setup while the rapido is more solid and secure.

The kit includes.

Kowa 16H
Helios 44-2
Rapido FVD-16A
Rapido Front Metal Jacket
Rapido VClamp V3 full
Rapido Rear Metal Jacket for the Helios.
HTN Front Adapter for the Kowa 16H
Step up ring to connect the Helios to the Rapido VClamp when not using the RMJ.
Lens caps for the FMJ and FVD-16A
EF and PL mount for the Helios

Also available but not included in this kit is a SLR Magic 82mm Variable ND filter that I use with this setup.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/6vIA71m

Price: $1250 O.B.O

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