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FOR SALE: TLS rehoused Canon FD SSC or nFD 9 lens set

Daniel J. Fox

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Choice of focal lengths included in the set:

20mm SSC T2.9
24mm SSC T1.5 or 24mm FD L T1.5
28mm SSC T2.1 (not in photograph)
35mm SSC Concave T2.1
45mm FD-X T1.5 (Yashica)
55mm SSC Aspherical T1.3
85mm SSC T1.3 or 85mm FD L T1.3
100mm T2.1
135mm T2.1

Buyer can choose between 24mm and 85mm SSC or L series lens.

9 lens SSC set - £125,000

9 lens SSC and L set - £117,000

Lenses are brand new, recently rehoused by TLS. Never used on-set. Opened and checked on camera.

The optics are clean and unmarked. Body / housing is immaculate, as to be expect with a new lens. Imperial markings.

Individual photographs and lens serial numbers available for all focal lengths on request.

The lenses ships worldwide from the UK at cost.

For a UK sale please add VAT at 20%.

The buyer pays all shipping and insurance.

SSC.Set_2 (1).jpeg

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On 12/17/2022 at 9:28 PM, Gigi Fouquet said:

Do you have a prime set of K35 Canon TLS rehoused set of Lenses available. ? Need ASAP

Hi Gigi

No I'm afraid these are the only TLS / FD lenses we have for sale. In terms of the look, these will be 99% the same, but minus 40 or so years or wear and tear.

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The 28mm lens has arrived fresh from TLS.

New photos will be uploaded soon.

For additional photos or information please message me. Happy to show any potential buyer the lenses via Skype / Teams and answer any specific questions.

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