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  1. Interested in the 35mm Canon f3.5 FL Converted to PL Mount. Do you have any additional photographs? I assume you will post to the UK?
  2. Optics are appear mint. No scratches, fungus, haze, separation etc. Focus smooth. One tiny point of roughness on the aperture ring close to wide-open, but otherwise in excellent condition. Has original metal CP front screw-on cap and generic Arri-B slip on rear cap. Lens has Arri-B mount, not CP proprietary mount. Can be adapted to Arri-PL with a standard adapter and then to MFT, Sony E or any other mirrorless mount. Will only cover S16, unlike the Zeiss 16mm, this lens will not cover MFT. Posted worldwide at cost. £1000
  3. Some signs of usage on the gearing, but otherwise excellent condition. Glass is very clean and clear or marks etc
  4. Hi Phillip I do have a single KOWA spherical Cine Prominar 25mm in mint condition on Arri-PL. I'm not in a hurry to sell (as you know how wonderful these lenses are) but might consider it for the right price.
  5. The lens is in storage, but I will get it out tomorrow and send you some images. Optics are mint. Focus smooth. One tiny point of roughness on the aperture ring close to wide-open, but otherwise in excellent condition. Has original metal CP front screw-on cap and generic Arri-B slip on rear cap.
  6. The idea that larger formats gives less distortion (on equivalent focal lengths) is 100% a myth, but an often repeated one. The video below shows the differences and how to some extent you can account for the differences in DOF / back blur, which is simply a product of longer focal lengths used (on larger formats) to achieve a specific angle of view.
  7. I have a Kowa Cine / CP Ultra T16mm for sale if you are still looking for one?
  8. In excellent used condition. Minor signs of usage to the woodwork. No chips or scratches. Electronics have never been used. Can be used to trigger start and stop on compatible cameras. Very high quality grip, perfect for someone with larger hands. Fitted with standard Arri rosette, fully adjustable. These are no longer made and so are hard to find. More photos available on request. Posted worldwide at cost. £850 ono
  9. Famously used by Orson Welles to shoot many shots from "Touch of Evil", dating from 1956. Over 60s years old, but in remarkably good condition. Some minor cleaning marks visible on front and rear optics. Minor dust. These do not effect the image. Casing shows signs of wear, paint loss, marks, minor scratches. None of these effect operation. Aperture works fine, but could do with a service. Focus is smooth and precise. Lens can be adapted to be used on mirrorless cameras, MFT, E-mount, L and X mount. It cannot be adapted to Canon EF or Arri PL. Lens is much in demand for rehousing to Arri PL by Zero Optik. I own three of these lenses and they are without doubt the best vintage wide angle I've ever used. Often used as a wide angle to compliment Bausch and Lomb Baltars. More photos available on request. Will post worldwide at cost. Price: £1450 ono
  10. This looks to be a Cineovision rehousing for Sanwa rental house in China. These were apparently Cineovision versions of the K35s, so rehousing Canon FD glass. The housings are different to the standard Cineovision rehousings, which used a mixture of base lenses, mainly Zeiss Contax, OM, some FD, Carl Zeiss Jena, Leica and possibly some Zeiss Standard Speeds. I have several of these lenses, a mix of PL and BNCR. Attached is a 24mm Cineovision, also made for Sanwa.
  11. All of the lenses I've owned have been on Cameflex mount, which makes them very simple to adapt to MFT or any mirrorless mount. The Hawk's Factory adapters are by far the best, letting me use these lenses on both MFT and E-mount cameras. So no, sorry no idea about adapting BNC. There are adapters out there that claim to be compatible, but it seems to be very much on a lens by lens basis. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133829143926?hash=item1f28d6ad76:g:KUoAAOSw4NFgL8-K If a full rehousing by Zero Optik is beyond your budget, maybe enquire with Optitek... http://optitek.org ... and see if they could rework just the mount for you. These Angenieux wide angles are really special. I have the 14.5mm as well and they are seeing increasing use on a variety of projects.
  12. That looks like my original post on the K35s Frank 😉 A lot of research since that post was made - and yes my friend was mistaken about Panavision glass, but research has revealed information closer to what appears in this thread and in fact from some of the same sources. Aliens main lens set appears to have been MovieCam BNCR primes, which were a mix of Canon FDs (most likely the slower lenses) with additional focal lengths made using Olympus Zuiko OM F2 prime lenses. It's easy to work out which primes must have been OMs, as they don't exist in the FD range. One of the confusing factors appear to be that the name "K35" was used interchangeable (or possible as a catch all term), for both the MovieCam lenses and the Canon high speeds. The K35s were Cinema Products housings, while the Moviecam lenses were rehoused in Austria for Moviecam, using a mix of Canon FD and Olympus OM glass. Rental listings from the 1980s place the K35 Canon lenses into the "high speed" category alongside the Zeiss Superspeeds. While these Moviecam lenses were considered standard lenses, alongside Zeiss, Kowa, Super Baltars etc. When DPs refer to using "Canon" glass it is unclear if they are referring the K35s (high speed FD glass), or these much larger, but slower lens sets made by Moviecam. Additional FDs were rehoused to be used alongside the Canon HS glass by Optex etc The listing for the Alien lens package I've seen is: 14mm T2.8 17mm T2.0 (21mm Olympus Zuiko OM modified) 20mm T2.0 (21mm Olympus Zuiko OM) 24mm T2.0 28mm T2.0 35mm T2.0 50mm T2.0 85mm T2.0 100mm T2.8 135mm T2.8 180mm T2.8 (180mm Olympus Zuiko OM) Some Moviecam lens kits also included a 40mm F2 Olympus Zuiko OM. This appears to have been a popular photography lens for rehousing as it featured in the Cineovision spherical set, alongside mainly Contax Zeiss lenses, with additional lenses using OM, Leica, FD and Jena glass. More information on the lens set and some informed discussion about the differences between the K35s and Moviecam primes. https://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?36886-FS-Set-(11)-Canon-K35-Primes-w-Extras
  13. As I said, "pretty clean" coverage. 😉 There is some darkening in the corners on S35, and clearly the illumination circle is being used to cover a modern S35 frame. I'm still intending to have one of my lenses rehoused by Zero Optik and it will be interesting to see its coverage then, given the rehousings much wider frontage. I suspect the coverage will still be "tight", but acceptable and still better than the Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm.
  14. Are you still looking at these lenses? I have three Angenieux 18.5mm which I've mounted on a variety of cameras. On MFT there image circle covers perfectly (obviously), on modern S35 sensor there can be a touch of a vignetting in the corners. This depends on which version of the lens us used. The classic type as used on Touch of Evil has pretty clean coverage due to the wide built in lens hood. On FF / 135, the image circle no where near covers.
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