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Mixing Super 8, Virtual Reality and HD, meeting real people from VR.

Niels kakelveld

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Finally the Cyberspace VR surfing that was promised to us in the 90's and 2000's is at our fingertips.

Worlds and avatars beyond euclidean geometry and imagination are reality at last. Meet people from across the world in teasing 3-D, exploring vast worlds of fantasy together, or dance your tail of to your favourite music with a colourful crowd. Finding people online is no longer shackled to text or voice, but now everything is possible all the while experiencing 'real' proximity.

But digital space can also be a gateway to meeting people in real life, not as distant strangers but as close friends. Making for highly emotional and gorgeous experiences that make lasting core memories. Be them saved in the digital domain, on Polaroids or on the retina.

I wanted to mix all these wonderful mediums of expression together and show what wonderful things can come from VR and beyond.



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45 minutes ago, Joerg Polzfusz said:

Hi! Nice idea and realization. The only thing that I didn’t like was the music (as it’s irritating when the dancers are dancing to a different rhythm and as I don’t like that style of music). ?

I appreciate your feedback Joerg. When mixing I didn't really look for the rhythm of the dancers, maybe something I can keep a better focus on next time. A lot of EDM is played at the club which is often high BPM, more music I guess you won't like ?

For those who are interested, some boring details of the equipment:

Super 8: Canon Auto Zoom Electronic 1014, Kodak Vision3 50D and 500T.

VR: VRChat, 1080P and 2K OBS video recordings and photos made with built-in stream camera mode and camera rail mod (The latter is no longer possible)

HD: Nikon Z6 II, Sony eXperia 10 IV

Photography: Mamiya 645 S1000, Ektachrome 100 and Portra/Cinestill 800 @ 1600. Polaroid camera.

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