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Info re Pathe Super 16 Reflex 16 AT with motor Camera wanted.

Jonathan Woolf

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Hi- Just bought a Pathe Pro Reflex 16 AT - with a motor!   Also, the exterior mags.    A few mysteries- I believe that it has the dreaded pellicle issue- love to hear how to remedy using a glass slide.    Also, the piece of hardware that goes between the external mag and the camera (Y shaped) is not there. Love to get some photos of how it should look so maybe I can fabricate one.    The motor- has an oddball connector on it, and no cable-   any help there?  I may have to figure out a substitute.  It's a 5-pin.   I believe the motor requires a 24v supply.  A Soligor 25mm Television lens is fitted- 1.4.    I have the owners manual with it, but its lacking in any technical info.  



OK, hive- what can you tell me about this HEAVY camera?

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hi Jonathan,

I had a complete system in my collection several years ago but have since sold it on.

I can't help you with the technical side as it has been a lot of years since I have worked with it.

I do have a drive shaft that runs from the motor to the take-up side of magazine and a light cover for

the camera when the mag is removed.

you are welcome to them if they are any help to you.




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Thanks Ian, -   I see that you are a Gaffer in Oz-   Many years ago I did several shows and commercials there-  The end of the '60s.   The era of Tony Tegg, Gaffer, and the Mardell brothers gripping.  I did Ned Kelly, Adams Woman, The Games, amongst other stuff. Sydney based.         I could certainly give those bits a home, if they didn't cost a million bucks to post!   I'm in Oregon in the US, Zip code 97229.   What do you reckon shipping would cost? 

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great to hear,   yes its a fantastic place to work although I have now retired after fumbling my way through the industry

for 30 years.

in the 90's I had a rather large collection of 16mm cameras which I had to sell much to my regret.

in the recent move I found the pathe bits and am happy to post them to you.     am  happy to cover postage.

not sure if you can see it but my email is on my profile if you want to email me your address.

was that the mick jagger ned Kelly...?


cheers mate 

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