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Proxies for 4K ProRes 4444 Scan of Standard 16mm

Isaac Brooks

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Hi Folks, 

I am a moderately experienced 16mm shooter and VERY rusty editor, and I have a question about suggested workflow for a relatively simple project realized on standard 16mm, and scanned to 4K ProRes 4444. 

I have all the results from the lab, about one hour's worth of 4K scans from a standard 16mm (all Vision 3) camera original. This is a collaboration with another person who is even less experienced than I am, and she made a really messy file structure that I essentially am abandoning in favor of starting again and eye-matching to an export that she made of an initial cut of this work, it's about 9 minutes long.  

We need to use proxies to get this edited, something that I'm grossly new to. She did make proxies that are stored alongside the 4K files on our shared drives. I cannot seem to get these linked, however. When I try to toggle between the two, I get nothing, even after relinking. 

1. Is there a clear way to re-link the proxies and the 4K original that someone could suggest? 

2. Would making new proxies be what you recommend? Is there a method for doing that with a film scan that uses a 4x3 ratio that someone would recommend above others?  

3. When making a new project / new sequence settings, should I make it to match the 4K scan? Any suggestions? 

Sorry this is so broad-strokes, but it is a simple project in that it is non-sync, very short, and kind of annoying in that simply editing the massive scan has proven surprisingly hard. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

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If you are working with DaVinci Resolve, the best place to get that sort of advice is on the Blackmagic Forum;  https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/

If you are using another program, I would seek out information on a good forum for that package.

Not exactly earth shattering advice, but my opinion...

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