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35mm Eyemo Service/Repair

Liam Murphy

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I recently bought an Eyemo 71-K and imported it from the US. It ran well for the first few days of owning it, however it now seems to have jammed. We took the front shutter off and the camera fired up, however as soon as we put it back on the camera stopped running again. As far as we have tried, we cannot repair it ourselves. Is there anybody still in the UK who provides repairs/servicing of these cameras, and if not, where is best to internationally send it?

Thank you ?

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Bericht voor Liam Murphy,

Ik ben in het bezit van een Bell & Howell character Title Writer.

Zojuist van de zolder gehaald en nu kijken hoe hij er uit ziet.

Ik zal foto's maken.

Reageer maar als je interesse hebt.

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