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Looking for B/W LUTs to load onto an old Arri Alexa Plus camera

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I'm looking for B/W LUTs to load onto an old Arri Alexa Plus

If anybody could share a few ~.aml files I would be grateful. 

I understand that I might be raising some eyebrows. 

Still, I would much appreciate any help. 

The shoot itself will be, obviously, color for B/W.

Interior (Concert Hall of a small town).

All Tungsten light (Arri).




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The ALEXA (Plus & Classic) and XT families of cameras only support 1D LUTs for in camera monitoring not 3D LUTs like our newer cameras starting with the AMIRA and later which support the newer ALF2 format with the .aml extension. For older ALEXA cameras you will need to create a 1D LUT using the "ancient" ARRI LOOK CREATOR Tool that you can find buried on our website (go to the "Legacy Software" page > "ARRI Color Tool" and scroll down) - for example "ALEXA Classic 709" is a 1D LUT vs the 3D LUT used for "ARRI 709" found in the later cameras. The file extension for ALF1 files is .xml

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Hello, Chase! 

Thank you for such a detailed response.

"Legacy" is such a beautiful word in this context.

I will try using the ARRI LOOK CREATOR Tool.

Do you know if there are any old LUT libraries available to download? 

Thank you again for your time! I appreciate that.


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Hi Anzer, you are very welcome. We did not offer any older LUT libraries for the ALF1 format used by the older cameras - since it is a 1D LUT there is a lot less you can do with it. We started offering other LUT's pre-loaded with the launch of AMIRA and the ALF2 format that supported 3D LUT's - these at first just a handful that were built in to the camera with names like "TV-Neutral" or TV-Warm". The only other Look File/LUT file that came loaded on every Classic ALEXA/XT camera was the "ARRI LCC" which is a low contrast 709-like rendering in addition to the "ALEXA Classic 709" - labeled in those cameras as just "709".

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