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  1. You should take a look at the ARRI CPO (certified pre-owned) program, where all the cameras are full refurbished and re-certified by ARRI and come with the same 1-year warranty as a new camera: https://cpo.arri.com/certified_pre_owned/cpo_products/ If you see anything you like you can email me: chagen@arri.com
  2. Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce myself as a local ARRI Rep. here on the West Coast (out of the Burbank Office) working in the Technical Camera team. I just wanted to make a post that although things are a little crazy at times like these (and bit scary right) we are moving to a lot of online demo's both 1:1 for customers and in groups for our rental house customers. We have a lot of people that have more time on their hands and want to get more in depth knowledge about our gear and we want to help people stay in the "know". In these online demos we cover all sorts of topics based on whatever you as the customer are interested in. We are happily answering any questions you might have about our camera products (not just the cameras themselves but also our vast Lens portfolio but also our mechanical/electronic camera AKS) or even just listening to/discussing any feedback you might want to share with us about any of our products. We have a wealth of knowledge (w/ visual presentations) we are happy to share to help you get the most out of the tools we make. We have lots of information about topics like "Shooting Large Format", specific presentations about the ALEXA MINI LF, as well as "nitty gritty" detailed tips and tricks for getting the most of the wireless focus tools we make like the WCU-4. If anyone reading this would be interested in any 1:1 online demo sessions with myself or any of the other ARRI staff (like our Cinema Lens Specialist - Art Adams) I can point you to the right person depending on your region and interest. You can just reach out to me and let me know what you are looking for and we can set something up that works for you. I can be reached at: chagen@arri.com Thanks. - Chase Hagen
  3. I would definitely say from all he testing I have done the the original BMD 2.5K MFT/EF is a far, far better sensor than the 4K. The 4K sensor is pretty crap compared to the 2.5K sensor. the 2.5K has better ISO performance 800ISo vs 400 native, and much better dynamic range (I'd say at least a full stop). Don't let sensor size be the only thing your judging it by, yes it does not have a global shutter but it has a better rolling shutter than any Sony DSLR. With a "fast-ish" prime lens i.e. f2.8 - depth of field isn't really an issue when you have to pull your own focus however sometimes it is challenging to get wider lenses. I started with classic Canon FD lenses, for my wide I went with a 24mm FD f2.8 S.S.C. prime (~$150 today) which is easy to adapt to MFT mount or an EF 24mm f2.8 if you go with the EF version. With MAD MAX (2015) they used x10 BMD 2.5K cameras for crash cameras to match with their A-unit ARRI ALEXA's because DP John Seal found that it's sensor was the closest match the ALEXA's ALEV III Sensor.
  4. Pretty sure you must be looking at it in Log C, the camera is not noisy at all. It's the same sensor as all the other ARRI cameras and ARRI cameras are not noisy at all compared to any other camera. Did you open it in the free ARRI Color Tool you can download from their website? Did you have the ARRI to 709 LUT on it in program like Resolve?
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