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FS: Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape measure system CineTape

Kevin Ross

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The C.E. CineTape is a ultrasonic measuring system range finder that continuously calculates the distance between the subject and the camera's film plane. Focusing is simplified, saving time and reducing production costs. Compatible with all lenses and cameras (with appropriate power cable). The sensor assembly has two horns that are connected to the measure control to calculate distance in either imperial or metric. A laser pen can be attached to the sensor assembly to help aim during calibration. The sensor has a threaded pan/tilt mount to attach to your rig. A simple offset adjustment programs the relationship between the film plane and where the sensor is mounted, so distance is calculated accurately. Sensitivity and Close Focus adjustments fine-tune it to your situation.

Includes Cine Tape itself, sensor/horns, sensor cable, 3-pin fischer RS cable (to power from an Arri Alexa or similar), 3-pin Fischer to 2-pin Lemo cable (to power from Panavision), and remote cable (6-pin to 4-pin for Preston MDR-3 / MDR-4). Cosmetic wear includes paint wear on edges of Cine Tape and "whitening" of color on the horns - but there is no damage and all cosmetic wear is superficial in nature and does not affect proper function. Tested on an Arri Alexa setup to ensure all functions and features work normally. Senses subject accurately after film-plane calibration procedure and sensitivity adjusts normally.

Priced at $2,250.



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