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ARRI/Zeiss Ultra 16 Lenses & Zoom Matching

John Jaquish

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Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Lenses forum, but went with this one since my question is about 16mm format lenses.

Looking at using the Ultra 16 lenses for a project and was curious if anyone has any recommendations on a zoom lens that might match well editing with the Ultra 16 lenses. I'm guessing due to their age, the Canon Super 16 zooms might not be the best, though those are the only zooms I've ever used for 16mm (and likely the most available). Wondering if we'd maybe have to use a 35mm-format lens.

If there are a lot of options, I can let you know what focal lengths/range we might be interested in, just wondering how many options there might be to start or general recommendations.

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the LWZ.1 and LWZ.2 match the Ultra 16s. same coatings, nearly as sharp. its a 15.5-45 t2.6, so its not super wide. I used it as my main lens with my U16 8mm till I hunted down my longer U16 focal lengths. The only other lens that will directly match is the master zoom 16.5-110, but thats like bolting a canon on to the front of your camera. 

If you need wider, your best bet will be the zeiss s16 zoom 12-120. It has the zeiss contrast, but it wont be color matched. 

If you go with a wider canon zoom, you'll get some magenta chromatic aberration that doesnt match the zeiss glass and isnt really undoable in the grade, unless you've got a lot of time to work on it in post. 

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