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  1. I should clarify, Im wondering if its possible to do any sort of 400ft mag, including non-coaxial. Im not sure what good a 200ft mag is given that kodak doesnt make 200ft rolls, though I know people pay to have re spooled 200fters for the a minimas out there
  2. they posted a basic rendering here https://www.logmar.dk/galapagos/ I feel like theres gotta be a way to do a 400ft mag, given that the port side of the camera looks like its a detachable 100ft mag...
  3. I looked into this some years ago before I found some ultra 16s. I dont have the details handy, but the issue was basically that any semi-off the shelf solutions would not clear the mirror on a rotary mirror film camera. You'd have to go down a very expensive road to solve that issue. I bet there'd be a market for it if one could be made and sold for $500, but I dont believe thats remotely possible. Honestly one is better off finding a set of Elite or Optar lenses (maybe with a panther 35mm t1.3) to have a better range of focal lengths than the zeiss super speeds. IIRC you can use Digiprimes on a super16 film camera with the optex B4 to PL adapter as well. Its also worth noting that zeiss now sells a very nice set of new c mount lenses that cover super 16 (they're advertised as M4/3rds) if what you're after is a modern solution to wider lenses. https://www.zeiss.com/consumer-products/us/industrial-lenses/dimension-lenses.html
  4. for the record, I'd love to be wrong. I'd also love to see market research proving Im wrong. I think I may try to get in on the more limited run of the super 8 camera, assuming the market doesnt do a full meltdown. Arguably a tough time to be putting out any product much less a niche one
  5. Rockhopper is listed as "retired" on their website. I just think if they figured out a mag solution like the arri S or bolex that take an add on a non coaxial 400ft mag, the roughly 30k usd price tag would very acceptable, at least to the pro crowd. I think for the owner operator crowd no 400ft option at that price is probably a deal breaker. The only situation I could see where it wouldnt be is if it was a very small or otherwise specialty camera that can actually fill a roll nothing else currently can in super16. Were that the case, if they only need to sell 15 or so then maybe there will be the buyers. Alas odds are I will not be one of them now
  6. I did not. this is the thread for anyone who wants to see it https://www.facebook.com/groups/8mmand16mmfilmmakersgroup/posts/10158562726035671
  7. So as a graduate of USC's MFA cinema program, I'd mention 2 things - 1 at the end of the day theres really only 3 or 4 classes that were truly "worth it" and 2 some of those classes have historically been available at USC's cinema summer program (used to be called the summer production workshop). That program is open to anyone who applies, you dont need to be an active USC student. UCLA I believe has a similar program. In the case of USC, you'll be taking classes with normal film school students who have decided to stick around for the summer. So it is possible to do a lite version of these film schools via these summer program classes, make some connections with students and staff, and get out without the burn of 100k in expenses and or debt (or whatever USC charges these days). Just some food for thought. (Note I do not know if these summer programs have become more competitive or how well known they are now)
  8. I use to have an Elite 7mm and an 8mm optar. the 7mm elite was sharper. They're creamier than the ziess glass. If a project called for the look I would not hesitate to rent them on a s16mm show
  9. I really hope they can figure out a 400ft mag option, that will probably be the make or break it factor for me given the price point. Thrilled it has a spinning mirror shutter and pin registration.
  10. well... this happened https://www.logmar.dk/galapagos/ in the 25k territory I kinda think a 400' mag option is necessary. I really dont want to keep nitpicking at logmar, but at this price point we're into new car territory and competing with used SR3s with 400' mags. Alternatively I would wonder if any features could be sacrificed to bring the price down (though admittedly they had my attention at rotating disc shutter)
  11. I know they're a pain to deal with, but I think this might be where the project could have benefited from a 1 month kickstarter or something similar. gives people a long-ish but not too long window to decide, give people a link to share, allows credit card purchases, and the ability to alter an order to add a 2nd camera body, or even just commit more money to it because the backer wants to see the thing exist. Also creates FOMO as the window closes and you have to finally decide to buy or not. I know one of the reasons I had not put in an order was I figured there was still time (I also assumed they were going to add an "order now" button to the website and that it wasnt technically for sale yet). Hopefully they can do either this product or a small s16 product of some sort.
  12. interesting. I guess Im asking in case these threads provide any insight to Logmar should they go forward with a new 16mm camera. Something thats arri S or even A minima size would be wonderful in my mind. heck even bolex sized. I dont think its the end of the world if you had to use a soft barney to silence it if needed, but I also learned on the old arri 16s so I suppose I may have a tolerance for things like that which modern, professional users may not have the time for?
  13. anyone have any thoughts if an Arri 16S clone (or a similar design even without the optic viewfinder) might cost to build?
  14. I know I would love a modern take on the Arri 16S. Would be great if a soft barney could be fitted, but ultimately if someone made the camera someone would figure out the barney. I would hope for spare parts availability though since Im sure I'd use it for things Im unwilling to risk my other cameras on (motorcycle, stunts, crash cam etc). It would also just be nice to have an S size camera one could take around to steal shots and / or film some home movies on. Its a bit much to shoulder up an SR3 for home movies at christmas. To keep the price down I know I, and I think most of us, could live without a pressure plate mag and just thread the thing. I do wonder what pricing could be sustained given that the economy may be about to faceplant here in the states. $7500 USD and I'd buy immediately, but that pricing may be fantasy thinking. it would certainly be nice if such a thing could come in under 15k USD, though I wonder if at that price the only buyers would be rental houses, rich collectors, and the odd person or two who has a specific application for said proposed camera.
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