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FS: Kowa Bell & Howell 2X anamorphic with clamps

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Hi, I'm letting go of my Kowa Bell & Howell 2X with 2 clamping options.
PHOTOS HERE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TdYmK8o48JO2peBlSUrv6Zpucr2zid1v?usp=sharing

PRICE: Asking 1050 EUR. Open to reasonable offers. 
PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal 'goods and services'
LENS NAME: KOWA Bell & Howell
FOCUS: Double focus.
CONDITION: Overall in very good condition. A bit of separation (see the photos) that has not changed the 3 years I've owned it. The housing is not mint but very good. Some tiny dust specks can be seen behind the outer glass elements.
LOCATION: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
SHIPPING: I can ship anywhere, buyer pays for shipping.
  • Rapido Full Metal Jacket (the design is taken from Kowa anamorphics but my name is on there as well, you'll have to go at it with a marker or hide it some other way if you want to get that out of sight ;))
  • Rapido V3 full clamp
  • RAFcamera front clamp
    - M77x0,75 (attaching 77mm filters)
    - diameter 70mm
  • RAFcamera back clamp
    - M49x075 (attaching to a 49mm filter thread taking lens, I often used a Takumar 50mm 1.4)
    - This clamp screws onto the Kowa back thread and is then secured with tiny hex screws that do not clamp the thread directly but against a strip of metal that protects the thread.
EXTRA INFO: Lovely amber flares. I bought this lens from a collector of vintage projection parts. It was well taken care of and I suspect, hardly used. Since then, 3 years back, I've only used it on a handful of personal projects, nothing commercial. I've not messed with focus alignment in any way. While I've had no problem getting sharp images out of it, I think this lens can probably benefit from a little love in that area. With this kit you have two options for clamping - one a more beefy Rapido solution for a variable diopter and one a more sleek simple Raf solution for double focusing with a small rig.

Sad to see this beauty go but I'm sure I can find a new owner for that'll take good care of her and gives her the oppertunity to shine once again! ✨🎥

Send me a message or email me at baltasarthomas@gmail.com if interested. 
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5 hours ago, Mangua Diallo said:

Hi Balthazar, 

what is the mount of the lenses ?


This lens does not have a mount as such. It is an anamorphic adapter that you clamp to a taking lens. If you want to learn more about anamorphic adapters, watch this video: 

The Rapido jacket mentioned in this video is also included with this kit. 


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