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  1. @Tyler Purcell Tyler, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to identify it?
  2. Hi Emils, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I agree that for stills lenses a clamp on wouldn't be the most obvious choice with 4x4 and larger/heavier filters. However, if the lenses are mounted solid a light weight MB like this could mean I wouldn't have to even mount rods on my rig a lot of the time and keep the setup very light and nimble. It's not how you intended the product but I think it might be a great solution. One more question popped up now that I'm taking another look at the 4x4 MB: is it possible to order that one with a top flag as well?
  3. Hi Emils, this looks good! A few questions come to mind. I can send you an email but it might be good to post it here as others might have the same questions. - I use a lot of different sized filters (3x3, 4x4, 4x5.65), would it be an idea to offer adapters to fit 3x3 and 4x4 filters inside the MB designed for 4x5.65? - Similar question: can the 4x4 MB hold similar sized 100x100x2 filters? - Are you thinking of offering side flags? - Are you thinking of offering adapters for different sized lens barrels? Maybe even for non standard sizes so the MB could be used with stills lenses as well?
  4. Take a look at the JVC GY-LS300CHE, might be exactly what you're looking for.
  5. Hi, I'm looking to buy a S16 Zoom, preferably in Aaton mount. Other mounts might work out as well, as I have the option to convert my Aaton to PL and Arri-S adapters are available. However, I'm not sure I'm able to cough up the current market value, therefore I'm interested in wide-angle primes that cover S16 as well. I'm located in Europe. Please let me know if you have anything that might fit this need and are looking to sell. Thanks!
  6. For anyone interested in this topic in the future, I did a little test to find out the latency of the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera through HDMI and compared it to a GH5. All tests were run at 25 fp/s. I ran a timecode window in Premiere Pro for 30 seconds for each test and filmed the iMac monitor and my Portkeys BM5 monitor placed next to each other, so I could read the difference in frames between the actual timecode and the signal sent from the camera to the Portkeys monitor through HDMI. Afterwards, I repeated this process with a Small HD 502 Bright monitor, to see if an industry standard monitor might obtain better results than the Portkeys monitor. These were my results: Portkeys BM5: 1: BMMCC RAW: 3-4 frames / 120-160 miliseconds 2: BMMCC RAW 3:1: 34 frames / 120-160 miliseconds 3. BMMCC 422: 2-4 frames / 80-160 miliseconds 4. GH5 4K 10 bit ALL-I: 6-7 frames / 240-280 miliseconds 5. GH5 1920x1080 10 bit ALL-I: 6-7 frames / 240-280 miliseconds Small HD 502 Bright 1: BMMCC RAW: 2-5 frames / 80-200 miliseconds 2: BMMCC RAW 3:1: 3-4 frames / 120-160 miliseconds 3. BMMCC 422: 2-4 frames / 80-160 miliseconds 4. GH5 4K 10 bit ALL-I: 6-8 frames / 240-320 miliseconds 5. GH5 1920x1080 10 bit ALL-I: 6-7 frames / 240-280 miliseconds I might do another test with a shorter cable, these were 2 meters, I think 😅. Good quality though. Results were very similar between the two monitors overall and favored the BMMCC over the GH5. It seems the GH5 takes about twice as long to process the signal. Further testing will reveal if 120-160 miliseconds is good enough for my purposes :).
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Yes, I was mostly thinking about post. 🙂
  8. I'm looking at this one for my LTR as well. I can't really think of any downsides, I use M42 full frame stills lenses on my LTR as well and those produce excellent results.
  9. Good point AJ! That would have been an added bonus with any of those EVF's I mentioned. It seems strange that Portkeys didn't implement it with the new and very well priced LEYE. I have had times with my Aaton (it's an older model without video assist) where a monitor would have made things a lot easier. However, most of the times the viewfinder was sufficient. Right now, I figured I would just pack my 5" monitor as well, just in case. So Blackmagic camera's have minimal delay as well? I wonder if the older model BM Micro Cinema Camera has a lot of delay through the HDMI. That sensor with DNG recording might make a good companion to the Aaton. 🤔
  10. Thanks for sharing AJ. Well, latency is the main thing. Brightness, resolution, size, 3D Lut support, input signals, these count as well. But the affordable EVF's that I'm looking at seem to have those covered quite well (yet to try them out though). I'm looking at the Portkeys OEYE, the Portkeys LEYE and the ZCAM EVF.
  11. Hi, I'd like to try and get as close to replicating the experience of operating through an optical viewinder on a budget. Monitors aren't doing it for me. There's a view affordable EVF's on the market now that might do the trick, but mirrorless or other budget cine-oriented camera's often have too much latency. It bugs me, definitely for documentary-type work. From what I've gathered, any delay lower than 100ms is not perceivable. I was wondering if anyone knows of a resource that lists camera's with sub 100ms latency. Testing will prove what works, but there's just so much to try, I'd like to see if I can trim down the possibilities before I start any testing. Cheers! Baltasar
  12. If you use the Shape shoulder pad, aren't you able to attach 15mm rods to the back? That would allow for some mounting options to the bottom of the rods. Other options that come to mind are adapting your LTR to take v-mount batteries, or wearing a battery on your belt. The base of your LTR looks modified and huge, what is that? Looks peculiar! It protrudes into the section where your shoulder normally goes.
  13. Like David has pointed out, you only need a grid really. However! I do have a chart that was kindly sent to me by forum member and Senior Technician/Designer) at Visual Products @Paul Scaglione. I'm sure Paul does not mind me sharing, PM me your email and I'll send it over :).
  14. Willem, hit me up if you need help - I have experience in both Resolve and Premiere Pro. Personally I don't see the need to do anything frame by frame. In your NLE, change the resolution of your timeline to the resolution you would like to finish your project in and fit/frame/crop the content you place in the timeline to your liking. Very curious to see more frames of your short btw!
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