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London (UK) Rental House Shift 4 Cine have crafted a versatile testing space for DPs

Anna Byrne

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Shift 4 Cine is an exciting and innovative flagship cinematography facility that has, until now, only been available to camera crews in the USA & Europe. For over ten years, the long-established Shift 4 has gathered an experienced team, collected top-of-the-range tools, and designed an adaptable & stylish unit specifically crafted to help DPs, Directors & Producers create the visual grammar for their projects. 

For more details of the game-changing technical features, including their new MYT Works Opti-Glide systems across all the prep bays, projector & feature testing rooms, go to www.shift-4.com/Shift4Cine

The versatile Look Development Studio is a clear departure from the way lens tests are traditionally achieved. Their fresh approach incorporates all the technical markers DPs look for within the testing process, including built-in LEDs & lightboxes, as well as the choice for either natural or DMX controlled lighting, textured surfaces, and modular furniture. In the adjoining room there’s a fully connected Viewing and Grading suite with DaVinci Resolve for a LUT stress testing and development process.

Of course, they have a vast collection of glass (Anamorphic, Spherical, Super35, Full Frame, Vintage or Modern) but if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, their four-strong engineering team is rolling out the Special Optical Projects where they’ll be tweaking, tuning, reworking, and building optical tools and custom looks, giving cinematographers access into new ways of seeing the world. 

If you have a specific look in mind for your next project, or are keen to explore and develop one, get in touch with them at info@shift-4.com

Hope to see you in London soon!


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