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  1. Hi all, I thought you might like to know all about the new and VERY rare LEITZ PRIMES from Leica/Leitz! They're spherical cine lenses and produce incredible, vintage-like rainbow flares. Leitz claim the Leitz Primes are ‘the best of the best’. As Shift 4 are the only UK rental company stocking this state-of-the-art lens set, they invited some of the UK’s most talented Cinematographers, DoPs, Focus Pullers and Camera Operators to a lens test and also shot a short film to investigate the Leitz claim. Then they wrote an article all about them. Read the full article here - it includes downloadable 6K RAW files, which I thought you might be interested in so you can make your own assessment on them! Suitable for high-end productions, you may have already seen the Leitz Primes in action. Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC ISC shot Cyrano (2021), awarding him a nomination at the BSC Awards for Best Cinematography in a Theatrical Feature; Balazs Bolygo BSC HSC used them on the Netflix series Anatomy of a Scandal (2022) and Tony Miller BSC shot the highly anticipated Mr. Malcolm’s List (2022) with the Leitz Primes, which is coming to screens in July 2022. The Leitz Primes are full frame, fast and spherical lenses, designed from the ground up and are very different to other Leitz lenses. Shift 4 have a set of 12 focal lengths available (ranging from 18mm-180mm) and sought to offer the community a varied and professional review of their capabilities. Get your RAW footage HERE!
  2. Hi all! In case anyone wants RAW footage of the Leitz Primes Lens Test, Shift 4 have just written a mega article all about them with downloadable files! Read the full article here.
  3. Hi all, The new, rare, Leitz Primes are now stocked exclusively in the UK at Shift 4! They've just hosted a lens test with some of the UK's top cinematography talent, including BSC President Chris Ross and then they recently released an article all about it, which includes includes downloadable 6K RAW files! Read the full article here.
  4. Hi all, Just enquiring about the new Leitz Primes, has anyone used them on here? Cyrano was filmed on them, which was beautifully shot by Seamus McGarvey, as well as Anatomy of a Scandal (not the best plot in the world but wonderfully shot). I've heard Shift 4 have a set, and they're in London which is great. Apparently they have a lens test demo coming out, but just waiting for that. Mostly, I just want to know if anyone has any thoughts on the Leitz Primes? They're expensive, but that has to be for a good reason, right?
  5. This book is INCREDIBLE! Packed full of information....learn, learn, learn!
  6. Hi Phil, I'm Anna and am really interested in camera & lighting assisting. I'm a complete beginner, however, I've been working in a kitroom for the last month - but in a marketing role (though I spend a lot of time in the kitroom itself, not just stuck on a computer). I'd really like to get some hands-on experience on set as it's becoming ever-more clear to me that I want to continue working in the screen industries (previous life has been theatre and live performance-based). As i have access to a lot of kit I can definitely get familiar with what you'll be using before the 16th. Also, I have an MA from RADA so very familiar with Shakespeare, and I'm East London based so travel etc is all do-able. Looking forward to hearing from you, Anna
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