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For Sale: Aaton XTR (early model) Super 16mm PL mount

Sean Cheung

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I find myself again in the peculiar situation of owning my dream camera but also having bills to pay etc.

The camera for sale is an Aaton XTR (early model sr: 1306) with PL mount in Super 16mm and here is what is included:

  • Aaton XTR camera body
  • Super 16mm gate
  • X base
  • Magnetic drive
  • PL mount
  • Original Aaton mount included
  • Short eyepiece viewfinder
  • Long eyepiece viewfinder
  • 3 x original Aaton batteries (require re-celling)
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 2 x 400ft magazines
  • Original wooden handle
  • Rod mount for handle
  • Cable release
  • Elokuvakonepaja Power adapter with video converter

I have the kit listed on ebay, but am open to reasonable offers from fellow cinematographers here, and would prefer the camera goes to a good working home.

Camera runs well at all speeds (6-54fps) and is reasonably quiet. 

The digital LCD does not work in my experience, but film counters on the mags are sufficient to gauge amount of film remaining etc.

The port cap for video out opening is missing, I think because previous owner was considering a video tap and looking in to 3d printing a part there. I have this camera booked in with AZ Spectrum for an internal colour HD video tap installation at the end of November. A worthy investment in my opinion and I would urge any potential buyer of this camera to keep the booking in place!

Condition of camera is good, there are of course some scuffs externally from normal use but nothing that impairs camera operation.

Please message me if you are interested or have any questions.

Many thanks




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51 minutes ago, Attila Somos said:

How much is it Sean?


Hi Attila, I think we've had previous email correspondence already? Asking £12k but we are open to offers. 

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