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V Lock - Dtap to 4 pin XLR - Possible Power Solution for Eclair Npr?

Steven Wyatt

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I think fully charged V-lock (LiPo) will be 16.8V..? This may be too high for the NPR. Someone must know what the max allowable V is. This issue came up when considering V-lock for ACL, which I think Andrzej at AZ Spectrum said had a max allowable V=15.6V.

One solution is to use a 12V regulated V-lock mount. I found one that has a 5A max output. But 4.2A with the existing cable, so may need to upgrade the cable. It's only about $85 on Amazon...


The tail in the photo is the regulated output.  So you would solder an XLR4 Canon connector onto that.

There's an Eclair sub-forum where you might find one or two guys knowledgeable on NPR.





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