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Tripod Bowl Adapters Help?

Ryan Ivy

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out a solution for 150mm tripod to be used with my 100mm O’Connor 1030 fluid head. I am looking in all of the wrong places and have been trying to figure out solutions that would be compatible to make it work. Has anyone run into this idea before? Is it so obvious that it isn’t widely discussed? Lol. I like the idea of having a 150mm tripod because I can buy one off a friend for cheaper than I could get a 100mm tripod. Anyone know if the Ruthford Baker 150mm to 100mm bowl adapter would fit on an O’Connor 150mm bowl tripod? I’ve been searching for a solution so long that I’m delirious and can’t think straight. Are tie down knobs a universal size? Would I then need to buy a 150mm tie down knob to fit the adapter plate? I’m simply confused and don’t know of solutions (preferably on the cheaper side and not converting full on to a Mitchell base system). Anyone have thoughts on this?

The adapter in question:

Thousand thanks!


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That 100/150 adapter at B&H in your link...looks, reads like it's to fit a 150mm head onto a 100mm tripod...

I have seen the adapter you need advertised. O'Conner, Sachtler and maybe others make them...https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/78910-REG/Sachtler_3901_Adapter_100_150_100mm_Ball.html

Maybe Proaim or E-Image make a cheap version...

There may have been a 150mm ball base that could fit to that head. It looked like you might just swap out the 100mm ball base. I saw one for sale a few years ago at ICE in the UK.

Good luck.

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