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Preventing Camera Overheating in Desert Climates

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Hi all, 

I've got an upcoming shoot happening in the American Southwest, and wanted to know what methods people had for preventing camera overheating. Obviously, providing plenty of shade and a possible fan is one method we've been debating, but I wanted to know if there were any other methods people had for filming in the desert and preventing the camera from overheating. 


Cameras that will be used are RED Raptor XL & Arri Alexa 35. 

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Try not to shoot to much in the heat of the day, and 100% Shade the camera. On the Red make sure fans go full when It's not recording. The 35 Is good up to 113F according to Arri, raptor is 104. Generally it won't be that hot in the shade in the southwest. Do not leave the cameras in the sun, even powered off.

If it's really hot we have done a "cooling tent" to shoot out of (pop up with sides, and portable AC unit) and longer lens through a small opening. Obviously, kills sound and is a pain, but keeps things cool and people safer.

Be aware, if it's too hot for the camera, it's probably too hot for the crew. It's really important, when temps get high, to schedule around the mid-day heat. I have had days at Willow Springs where we didn't do that, and nothing and no one worked (116 air temp, ground was at least 180 on the asphalt).

You can also do cool packs, but I am always leery about condensation and electronics, and tend to think air-flow via fans is a safer, if louder, bet. A few USB powered ones can help push air through the camera. Obviously, check the rigging on it all to make sure no airflow is restricted.

And maybe have a second body on hand if it's going to be really hot if you have to change out to let one cool



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