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  1. I shot last weekend so wish me luck, but the video i posted shows clearly a change in color temperature between apertures 1.3 and 2. Nothing you can't change in post but I am still curious about it.
  2. I am filming a sequence this weekend that is a nighttime exterior/bonfire. We've decided to go with zeiss super speeds for this sequence over the canon 8/64 we've normally been using on set. I found this video online documenting how the lenses perform, and am curious as to why the color temperature of the image changes so drastically when the lens is opened up. Is this normal or is it just a fluke with the lenses in this video? http://www.vimeo.com/10419079 Thanks!
  3. I rented a lens this weekend and upon mounting it noticed the aperture ring doesn't stop at T2.4 but moves lower than it (according to the marker). The lens in the black canon 8-64 for 16mm. Is there a problem with the marking on the lens or the aperture ring or is this normal?
  4. I was going to say Altman too, first I thought of Mccabe and Mrs Miller but realized the poster didn't mention a shootout. I too think it could be Quintet.
  5. Thanks for your input, very good to know, and if I end up renting it I will take care on the long end of the zoom. Do you prefer the lens to the Optex/Cooke? In my Optex/Cooke test I found what you describe to be 'milky' and low contrast in the wider portion of that lens (which isn't good because I will be using it quite a bit) but my eye might just be poorly trained :) Do you know where I can see footage shot with the lens?
  6. Hi all, I am a student beginning production on my thesis and I'd like to shoot it myself rather than hire a DP. I am looking for opinions on a certain lens, the Canon 11.5-138 T2.5. I have done a test shoot with an Optex/Cooke 10.8-60mm lens and was unimpressed by how it performed at the closer end of the zoom, though In the middle it was quite nice. How does the glass on this Canon lens compare to a lens like that? Does anyone have any experience with it to know the characteristics of the image at different focal lengths and f-stops? Is there a similar lens I should look into? I am mainly attracted to its zoom range, relative speed, and minimum focus length. It seems like a great all-around lens.
  7. I'm trying to find out what camera and lenses this show was shot with.. whether its foreign and i have access to it here in new york to rent for a film i'm shooting in the spring. any other technical specs would be helpful too!
  8. i found the source of the problem! because whenever the door is open, the loop mechanism is closed, and it doesnt screech. i found however, that while running the camera with the door off and pressing down on the "open loop" tab inside the camera, the screech is heard. still wondering how i can fix this though. I know that it only screams when the loop mechanism is open.
  9. Got my scoopic battery recelled today and had the first chance to run the machine. sadly, i dont think i can. whenever i close the film door and run the film through, an ear piercing screech comes from inside the mechanism (i dont know what it is, it only occurs when the door is closed.) the screech gets louder and faster when i shoot in 48fps. i checked to see if anything on the door was interfereing with the mechanism, but i dont really see any scratches on the door or inside the camera. its so unbearable, i think i would be hurting my film if i ever ran it through. whats up?
  10. im also interested in a tune up for my Scoopic. Im going to do some searching today, i'll post any technicians that i find.
  11. I just picked up the original scoopic 16 off ebay for a great price and it runs fantastic. i ordered some film the other day and forgot to mention that i wanted 100 ei, and i was sent a roll of 400 and dont have time to send it back. the asa meter on the scoopic 16 only goes up to 320-am i still safe to shoot in 400 asa? i would think that i would just have to use external metering, which i would have anyway.
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