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  1. 4D cinema where the viewer is in the movie.
  2. Why not get a job with a lighting rental company. That keeps you in contact with the gear, learning stuff, making new contacts and GETTING PAID. It also calms your mom down because you have a job.
  3. Paging David R. There must be a glare on the monitor so I'll say it: Film Lighting by Malkewicz
  4. Dan Salzmann

    Canon 5d Focus

    Since stills lenses unlike film lenses are designed for photographers that focus by eye (if not using autofocus, these days) the focus markings do not have to be that accurate because, well hardly anyone is really "supposed" to use them other than as a rough guide for focusing using the hyperfocal distance instead of using optical focus. Those marks are just a tweak more accurate on higher-end older non-AF lenses. Best to set focus marks by eye on the 5D with or without adaptor. The built-in focus assist feature which magnifies the image on the LCD screen is often quite handy as well.
  5. Got it! Unfortunately those kinds of adapters are illegal here according to EEC electrical safety laws. Handy little things if used with moderation!
  6. Listen to the director, the DP and the A camera operator. Follow your instincts based on what you heard. Have a good shoot!
  7. I think those things come with experience. I want to add that I feel that I don't like static camera handheld very much because it often seems like just shaky and lazy. Like why wasn't it on sticks? Also I feel the "I'm trying to be a human steadicam" thing usually fails as well. Handheld seems most effective when it reinforces the psycho-emotional impact of what is being filmed, for example, fight scenes and complex movement from the actors or continuous shot dialogue sequences.
  8. Successful handheld work is dependent on: Experience, grace, physical strength and compositional ability of the camera operator A good first AC Ergonomic camera configuration and support (handles, pads, etc) Suitable action for handheld cinematography.
  9. My favorite is not being allowed on an airplane with half a small bottle of Evian but in front of me were 3 Sikhs about to board wearing those long ceremonial knives they wear. When I asked the flight attendant about it she said, "That's different, it's part of their religion". Now that's what I call a satisfactory logical response! The idea of not being allowed to film in any mundane place because of fear of "espionage" is silly when the same or equivalent images are already freely available on the internet.
  10. This is quite true especially if the editor is there for the DI. That being said many producers would balk at paying the DP for being there for the grade.
  11. You said you wanted some slo-mo. What kind of frame rate are you talking about? Definitely talk to your post-production people and find out how and if they deal with Redcode. 10 rolls of film for a 10 minute film is about a 10:1 ratio which is not luxurious but possible if your director is good, the actors are good and well rehearsed and the film is well prepared.
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