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  1. Webiste says supports Mini mac? How will you even really know if you've caputred the footage unless you plug it into a monitor, and forget about remote aquisition with that too - unless you're going to strap a Honda Generator to your back too. :-) What a mess.... So, all you need is a $3,000 laptop and $3,000 andromeda system to get pro shots. Oh, and don't forget the $2,000 35mm lens adapter. Crap, by the time you drop in $11,000 into your AG you might as well step up to PRO-HD. At least then you'd have one of those fancy Gold and Black Anton Batteries. And le'ts not forget that your purchase and installation voids the warranty. Andromeda says it weights 4oz and has a software application to do the recording. Sure, dev costs money, but $3,000???? There's no such thing as getting high-res out of standard def CCD's. Its true. Anybody who's spent any time in graphics knows you can't add pixels that aren't there in JPEGS, and you cant to it to video either. Upsampling is all it is, however they're trying to present it, and upsampling produces a lowsy image that just draws more attention to the fact that it was shot on garbage in the first place. Not to say I wouldn't buy Andromeda, but it would have to be proven and at a more attractive price.
  2. That would be about 3 hours per week of shooting. That's average use for most small produciton firms shooting TV :30's or playhouses recording plays on Friday nights. Scenefile 6 has the film-look 24p mode and cine-look gamma.
  3. A few questions for anyone who is doing it... 1) Will any firewire drive work? 2) Does 24p work properly when using an external drive? 3) Is image quality better than using tapes?
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