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  1. Hi I'm recently posted for a DP now we're looking to crew-up in several more positions. The project is happening this summer between mid july to mid august tentative dates. Postions: Gaffer's, Grips, Sound recordyst (with own gear), editor's with feature film experience (must be able to handle and 4k and 6k footage, red code. If helps if you are located in Maryland, DC, VA but not necessary. Send resumes, reels, contact info to dvpauditions@gmail.com
  2. Thanks to all who have submitted. I'm going to posting more crew positions for this project. Thanks again.
  3. Hi I'm looking for anyone who can transfer to HD DVCpro. Please send me any available contact information. Thanks dvpmm@yahoo.com
  4. Hi I'm putting together a crew for an upcoming feature fillm with a good production budget. I'd really like to team up with an experienced Director of Photography, an awesome line producer and good sound crew. This is a fall production starting in October. Interested parties can send reels and resumes to dvpauditions@gmail.com. Regards
  5. Good tips. Thank you so much. I'll play around the the EVF settings to see if that's the issues. I will update you guys as soon as I do a couple of test. Regards DT
  6. Hi I have a RED One MX question. When I'm shooting in Raw 4.5k Redcode 42, when looking at the image through the HD monitor and adjusting the setttings I'm not seeing what's acutally being recorded. Example, I cranked the iso up to 6400 and shot blow out footage on purpose, the monitor showed perfect good usable image. I'm totally confused about this. Is there a setting I need to adjust or is something turned off or can you see your accurate image settings when shooting in raw. Thanks for the help in advance.
  7. Hey guys I'm trying to track sales on a film. How can I track and see the sales report on a UPC code? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I'm shooting a feature in September and I'm looking to play with some Black magic camera raw footage and their Pro res HQ footage. If anyone has some footage I can use. Please dropbox it to my at dvpmm@yahoo.com. All I need to a few minutes of each. I'm really looking to purchase a black magic camera. I'm trying to figure is my workflow suitable, how much storage will I need to get. Do I need to upgrade my graphics card and things of that nature. Looking for help. Thanks so much. Regards. DT.
  9. Do anyone know of a good sound stage that has a commercial air plane interior. Thanks so much for your help.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm seeking an editor with real meaty reality show editing experience. I'm talking packages, openings, sizzle reels you name it. Someone's who's done it all on a pro broadcast level. If you have a reel please send it to dvpauditions@gmail.com. If you already have a rate send all your details as well. I'm an experienced filmmaker and I'm really looking for someone who can really deliver. This could turn into something consistent. Thanks so much
  11. Thanks, That's what I was thinking to. Any suggestions on good rotoscoping programs?
  12. Does anyone know how to take someone you've video tapped and make the background transparent to be used as a bug in the corner during a tv program of on the computer for them to walk across the screen. I have after effect 5.5.. Do I need a plug in or what do I need to achieve this desired result. This is much more difficult than green screening.
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