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  1. I guess u just answered my own question. I went and got a remote from a one ccd canon cam, and it worked! I?m so relived cause the prices on one for the Xl1 are insane! !
  2. sebastian

    XL1 remote???

    I wanna know if i can use another remote for the xl1. Like an universal remote. I don?t need to zoom or anything, just need to start and stop recording. Does any body know if a one ccd canon camera remote will actually work? Thanks Ciao Sebastian
  3. I?m going to shoot a sunrise with mi xl1 camera. I was wondering I I could shoot it at LP rec mode since I?m going to make it go faster in post. Do I loose any image quality doing this? Or is it best to stick with the SP mode anyway? Thanx Ciao
  4. Does my zoom shots get afected whene i use filters on my XL1? Somebody told me this today. Dont Know if its true... Can i zoom in and out freely?
  5. Are you sure you loose resolution??? were can i find info about that?
  6. But the XL 1 has the option to do 16:9 on the camera. But with no black bars, it actually squeezes the image to achieve the 16:9 in post, were the image is stretched. Isn?t this right?
  7. sebastian

    wide angle

    can i use on camera filters using a wide angle adapter???
  8. What kina of filters do you guys carry in your kits to optimize video footage? Ciao
  9. So I?m going to shoot a short film in an XL1 and want to shoot 16:9. But the thing is.. I wanna know the basics. What to have in mind. And to be more specific, I wanna know how I can actually make the 16:9 format shrink so it can fit in a normal tv, but with the black bars. Thanx Ciao
  10. Please tell me more about this... i still dont get it! where could i find more info about this.. thanx ciao
  11. Yeah! That would be a great idea... We could have one like that... and... with comments from people that have gotten their film processed in each lab. To see if they really are reliable or not. Ciao
  12. Im in the us, were ican i get my ektachrome film processed. thanks
  13. No more ideas??? Please help me...
  14. sebastian

    the shield

    Where can i find the info anyway... regards
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