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  1. Hi David and everybody, Do you think the Knee Point setting will affect for film out? Does the Knee Slope still function if Cine Gamma set at FILM REC? Thanks!
  2. Hi David, how do you expose for Low key situation? would you trust the HD monitor? Thanks.
  3. Hi David, I am going to shoot a feature using 720P for theatre release, could you give me some advice? Thanks
  4. Hi, I would like to know does anyone use this adapter before? is that true it gain more exposures? Thanks.
  5. tristan

    color bar

    Hi..to be honest this is my 1st time using XL2..... I would like to know how can I adjust the contrast and brightness for the color bar on viewfinder? I had gone through every button on the cam but failed too. <_< please help! Thanks!
  6. Any1 can xplain to me D9 and AJA box & X raid? some kinds of footage storage? sorry bro I am news to all this just wana learn more..... Thanks!
  7. tristan

    wide angle

    well of course I am going to rent it for my coming project but just thinking which one to go for? Can I use mini35 with Fish eye lens or even 10mm? does it sound logic?
  8. Hi drew... I like the still pic u attached,it looks really good, btw may I know how do u achieve the Toe shot? what lens do u use? Thanks!
  9. tristan

    wide angle

    Hi, I would like to know how to achieve fish eye look on XL1 ? Should I go for the century attachment OR mini35 adapter with Zeiss wide angle lens? Thanks!
  10. tristan


    Hi...I would like to know what is the usage of Martix got to do in Scene file? it has NORM1,2 FLOU, CINE-LIKE? and the next following is V DETAIL FREQ? Thanks.
  11. Hi.... I am going to use Color Negative to TC in totally B&W tone, since I have no worry in color, I would like to know MORE except for the contrast and brightness, what else can I do in TC machine? I am looking at 70's style. Please help... Thanks!
  12. tristan


    Thanks you all for the great infor....... I would like to know if there is a basic guideline to set up the color LCD??? coz I am confuse on how I should judge it as a normal exposure. Which one is more accurate, LCD or VF? Thanks.....
  13. I would like to know if I crop 16:9 on the camera, would I get the letterbox when I export to FCP?
  14. tristan


    Hi everyone... I am going to use DVX100 for my 1st time, and I am very confuse on the Zebra setting. Zebra 1&2 what is the purpose to for it? Any suggestion on the setting? 100% on both? Thanks in advance.....
  15. Thanks for the infor............
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