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  1. Get someone else to perform for the ADR. Why not? I've done make-up alot. If you can get an older actor, do it. If you must: Being serious here, find someone who looks "haggard". An alchoholic/smoker for example. Powder their hair. Put on a clear, thin finish of latex over lightly brushed base (slightly lighter in tone to their natural flesh). Let set. Get the actor to smile and frown and open/close eyes hard. Nothing else until filming. No talking. Powder over soft..and blow dry a little to remove "pancake" look. Good for B&W with filters. Test with yellow and red. But this still might suck....TEST,TEST,TEST. It would be well worth it to hire a kid from the theatre dept. of a local Arts high school to do this for you. Cheap, and they will try hard. But I'd still hire an older person and get someone else to do the ADR, you could find an amazing voice for it. Makeup takes a certain talent to pull off. If you don't have it, don't try it. Let someone who knows what they are doing perform the makeup. Saves on major headaches, trust me. Go to the monsterlab and look around for advice.... OR........................ Use the materials you already have to make a negative of your actor ( a half face cast). Then, cast a positive using it to sculpt a three piece appliance (nose, chin, forehead down to cheeks). Once you have a mold you can bake multiple pieces in foam latex. (it can be smelly at first..) This way if one tears, replacement is at hand. Find someone who can do this for you, it will look pretty pro for a student film. Not that expensive, especialy if you find someone with their own materials. I'd help you but I'm pretty busy.( and we probably live 1000 miles apart )Someone around you will know what to do. Find them. Go to costume stores and ask around, etc.
  2. Priyesh- Cliche? Perhaps stereotype.... All stereotypes stem from some kind of "truth". Like our stereotypes regarding Euro(peons) :lol: , namely the French. I've been to Canada and it actually surprised me how much it was like America. As a matter of fact, the worst white trash I've ever seen was in western Canada. Mind you I've been through Kentucky, Miss., etc. All the watering wholes....I was young but I remember thinking,"ahh. They have them here,too..." I felt warm inside. Happy. Just my level. Like "specimens". Yes, threads do tend to fall off topic when they reach 11 pages and counting.... A friend told me the Discovery channel has been showing a Croc Hunter marathon! Not to mention the ebay storm of Croc merch...weird. "...this dude is dead! Lets buy collectors items!..." :blink: This says more about my country than the Iraq War, IMHO. correction to previous post: beleive
  3. USA brand pharma's pass on the R&D cost to its own citizens. Nice of the bastards...My mom was telling me that even the German name brand pharma's are getting cheaper....of course the Fed Gov could do something about this but the Republican voters think of it as a form of "socializing" the industry. And as stupid as it may seem, that word alone scare the begeezus out of Americans, both libs and cons. Of course price control has nothing to do with "socialized medicine" in terms of what they(republicans) want the people to beleave. It's really all screwed up. Some even claim USA companies' product would suffer by intervention on its pricing policies, which is absolute hogwash. Watch, I bet someone will chime in with the same,..."but there are cost controls already in place..." routine....Again, hogwash. As far as the NRA....Its actually funny, the more I feel Bush is screwing up, the more I support them, and "gun" freedoms. I know it sounds backwards...but if the fit ever hit the shan..... :lol: J/K
  4. Henri Chretien! The astronomer with a gift for innovation.... Yes! My People! :lol: I almost always disagree with "their"(whatever that means) politics but, deep down, my French sensabilities flourish. Very bourgeois...Although not in the Marxist sense. Yes, I am a capitalist, however I prefer the term used in a way that expresses the half-lazy, contemplative, middleclass book-worm with an appetite for coffee and tea, all the while surrounded by a modest dwelling. On top of that, I'm a third German and a scorpio. :unsure: hehe, that sounds like an advert for a dating classified! Anyone...? J/K :rolleyes:
  5. Ya, I'm French-American via Quebec. We came down to Pennsylvania and founded the town "Barto", after the spelling change of course. Back then folks assimilated... :lol: Anyhow, I'm just kidding. My German blood has ultimate control over my instincts.... :o Hey Matthew, you should go up and visit the "White Horse" in Glasgow when you turn 18. Get drunk and tell everyone there you hate Scotland. It will be fun, I promise. :blink: Of course they will kill you...Stupid wanker....and you guys call the USA colonists....poop! Do you hate "blacks" as well? Perhaps the Japanese have fallen out of favor in your mind? Wake up, little one. Not wise to bash the scotsman. He has a temper that rivals the pitbull, someday you may learn this the hard way. Ha-Ha! I'm messing with you...I know you are kidding! Point being, I hope you are not so stupid as to voice these kinds of "jokes" out in public. Many people can't take a joke. But as it turns out, these very people do know how to throw a punch. Food for thought, teen. What is it you say...? "Mwaaa-ha-ha-ha"? Close? ;)
  6. I agree, but would like to say I've seen a lot of gov't subsidized crap. Especially on TV. Money for social enrichment is not a bad thing, though. Some people don't want tax dollars going to this kind of endeavor but don't mind spending trillions on other things like war and such. Humans make me sad....
  7. C'mon, guys....I'm half French. All this talk is hurting my feelings. I don't want to fight!
  8. Election results just in! Germany is moving to the right, everyone watch out....hehehe. :lol:
  9. Amen to that. (A-sumption, hehehe..can I coin this?)
  10. Nice juicy rationalization...Jesus! I'd like to have my paychecks read:" 'Neck-Bone Barto' " But, alas, this stupid government has rules! What a shame for my ego.... BTW, how many DPs have these "stage names" you refer to? There must be tons to base your whole point around it...Are you an anarchist or what? I bet you could rationalize just about anything, you should be in politics. Pro's deserve to know whom they converse with, especially when conversing with non-pros. If you are known as "thatch" or "kirby" or "fat boy" on set then let us know in your sig line or sign your posts with it..... It is called professional courtesy. Why is this idea so hard to convey to you people? You act like this is some nazi repression you are under...when in fact this site is balls-out freedom of expression, allowing untold amounts of perspective..... a pro forum on a public level. And you still need a nick-name? Christ!
  11. oops, :huh: My apologies....another case of a knee-jerk, smart-ass overreaction.... :) I should do something about that.... :lol:
  12. I meant....absorbtion I really need to pay attention. Noticing major spelling errors lately... :)
  13. Ahh, now we're getting down to brass tacks... I think you use the word 'deconstruct' like I use the word 'contemplate', at least in regards to processing Tarkovsky and assuming we both take it as an 'intellectual evaluation' of the whole experience, being emotional, spiritual, what have you.....Where you 'deconstruct' , I 'contemplate' afterwards. To 'deconstruct' connotes a intellectual "struggle" during the viewing process, for me. It is only after an initial summation of what has passed before me as a whole can I 'deconstruct', or 'contemplate' his work. I find it that way when reading poetry as well. To 'think' and 'analyze' during a reading of verse, no matter how short, only takes away from my experience. If what I have read tugs on my insides, then the 'contemplative' process begins. I don't think it's a coincident I "read" Tarkovsky this way... I am personally not left with 'emotion', rather an intellectual "scar" that needs investigating after Tarkovsky. It is very, no extremely, interesting to read of yours and others viewing experience. It tells more about a person than speaking openly about politics, for example. It speaks in abundance to a persons aborosbtion process. Very interesting, indeed.... :)
  14. Good post...and a great perspective. Its telling that most of us don't talk of the content. Moreso the effect of an affective style. You can go back and read, annoying as they are, my past posts on this subject and it almost always revolves around technique/theory. This is what Tarkovsky does to my insides. The content is so personal and powerful yet somehow distanced, not to say 'cold', that the technique comes into question. It is very perplexing and I think most people contemplate this feeling. And to be contemplative is to be inside yourself, so-to-speak, which you already described as the personal viewing experience. I guess what I'm trying to say is Tarkovsky impresses the mind by moving the feelings? If that makes any sense at all... ....anyway I'm starting to sound ridiculous/pretensious. It's a slippery slope when discussing Tarkovsky, or any real personal art. You can fall right into the chasm of pretension without even realizing it! So, I better go now... :)
  15. I just wanted to tell all you guys who like Tarkovsky, well,..... I don't know. It makes me happy to see people quote him, celebrate him, etc. I'm a huge admirer of his work as well....we are a small club, believe me. At least compared to the Tarantino AV club.... :) All in fun, not being snobbish. A lot of so-called "afficianados" I converse with have never really studied him and its saddening. Not pro's but the film club types, college kids, etc. (yes, I'm judging as a group. I know students like him, however. I was one myself...) "oh, yeah, I've heard of him. 'Rublev', right?" Umm,...yes, correct. Have you ever really seen anything of his? "uh, yeah. But, you know, a long time ago...." Dude, you're 24. How long ago could it have been... Then the conversation turns to Eisenstien as they make a russian connection...and my brain flips a sommersault in agitation, because the 'school' is oozing out at that point...montage over TIME, but I'll stop. :P I agree with most. 'Solaris' or 'Andrei Rublev' would be a good start. 'Rublev' was my first Tarkovsky and it will definitly tell you all about his cinema for the newcomer. Of course he only has 7 films, not counting 'Steamroller...' or his other shorts, so it won't take long to read the catalogue. Feast thine eyes upon his genius...
  16. That is a crappy deal. Money, money, money. If it was one of those things where they came up for the idea in his/her class, and the instructor is sueing for partial credit, hence a cut of the cash, he/she is an a**hole and shouldn't be involved with the shaping of young minds. That is very interesting, I never heard that before....
  17. Oh, I thought it was a UCF graduate film. I swear I read that in a newsweek article of the time...Oh, well. My mistake. Yes, the marketing plan, by Artisan, was a good one. It kinda ushered in this type of online film marketing, although it was inevitable. Of course it is personal preference. I am but one human being with an opinion, as we all have. That is hopefully obvious , hence using "I"....But it being "successful" doesn't justify "good" by the same token. This film came out about the same time EYES WIDE SHUT was released and made more money...."successful"! I reject the idea of the formula being "successful", ...."I". Apparently I'm way out of touch with the american film going public because I walked on Blair and saw EWS 4 times in the theatre. I actually asked for my money back and the ticket guy said he couldn't refund on the account that it was a "pre-paid" ticket. I returned only to witness a woman throw-up in the ailse directly upon the films conclusion. Never have I seen a more disgruntled group of movie-goers in my life. I actually saw a man in his fifties tell the usher, " ....you guys otta be fu**in' ashamed of yourselves for showing this poop..." It was the Angelika. I disagree with his statement wholeheartedly! But it was fun to see a crowd turn on the basis of percieved fraud. My perception, of course, my hypothesis as to the unruly behaviour by some. A garbage can was also overturned by another.......Small shades of the paris riots in the late '60s actually. Quite fun to have been there. IMHO, only "my" opinion, the art was in the marketing. Geniuses, I tell you.
  18. Hey, Max. My reply is a bit late but....Sure, I guess. I don't know...I don't care about it's politics, really. Maybe because of the distance removed by time we are from it?(yoda?) It's use of montage is what I like. Montage is propagation of "symbols". Every shot in this theory acts as Hieroglyphs, in a sense. In TDW, these symbols are employed brilliantly. Of course Nazi symbolism has always been "seductive", not in it's politics, per se, but in it's power of imagery. That is what made it so dangerous, IMHO. But forget all that...I just like to sit down and be bombarded sometimes. In narrative this annoys me, I must admit. But TDW is really one of the only films like this I can sit through and enjoy completely. A film will earn respect from me when I can take one shot/image from it and know it's whole message/meaning, no matter the theory employed to realise it. That shot for TDW is the close up of Hitlers hand in humble salute to his "admirers" during the parade scene following his arrival by plane. It speaks volumes to his manipulation in simple metaphorical imagery, captured in a "real" time-sense. Powerful stuff. This film played in theatres in Germany all during the war, BTW. Makes you wonder at the power of cinema. This is another reason I call for a new theory of the documenary. An ethics of documentary. The formal reading of doc theory is too easily manipulated while still obtaining it's "objective" status. This demands another thread, of course... :rolleyes:
  19. TUCKER was a good film.... Correction, is....
  20. BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. A lesson in form clouding theory. You should read interviews with these guys. I know people on this forum have worked with them so I don't want to be absurdist, but it is quite clear that they use form as an end, not as a means to find it. This is when form becomes nothing but "cinematic trickery". But, I digress, no insinuation as to the merit of their filmmaking is implied. :) In all fairness, it was a student film...
  21. Hahe....I bet you were one of those kids who made potato guns? More like potato canons! Kids do crazy things...Its always a good story if nobody gets hurt. But thats the way things are. These happenings help create a personality in young ones.
  22. We are witnessing the breakdown of theory and the build-up of "form". We've always had "style" over "content" directors, but the build-up of "form" or structure without any theory as a foundation results in this sludge we're force fed on the TV and in the cineplex. DePalma, for example, has been called a style over content director but he's always had a firm handle on theory to back him up. Thats why we still watch his films. If you are all style with no theory to begin with, your work won't last the test of time. If the problem is compounded by lack of content.....boy, I hate to be that director....of course these directors are making all the money for hollywood right now, so who the hell am I to comment? Adam, I'm with you. I don't see much hope either. There are films that pop up every year flying in the face of this type of filmmaking, however the consumption of these films pales in comparison. People don't seem to study theory anymore. I know many people who have graduated from film schools (USC, NYU, UT Austin, etc.) and theory is barley touched upon....where is the education? I would say a backround in film theory is very, very important. Not only in giving the artist tools to help solidify their personal philosophy but also the discipline to help shape the liberal art within. Of course a great popcorn movie is not excluded from this at all. Great entertainment also comes from an understanding of theory...Hence the epic starwars debate that has been going on in another thread.. :)
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