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    -Tarkovsky's Time-Pressure theory<br />-Military history, Antiquity<br />-Large format photography<br />-Hobby time spent sculpting latex masks (Halloween style)<br />-Janecek, Bartok, Dvorak<br />-I love that there are always new artists to discover, even if they've been around for centuries but I just "discovered" them

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  1. Made great generational movies, and died too young...link to story... John Hughes, Director, dead...
  2. I don't get what you don't get. It's obvious to me that Bale had to take control of a set that was being operated like charlies angels. So, he comes off as a hard ass a-hole. Who cares. Hurlburt should know better. And Mcg should have control of the set and been as pissed if not more pissed. But that's just it! It had happened before, how many times? Obviously Mcg didn't take care of his business, and friend Hurlburt. No offense , but they aren't making a drew barrymore movie. Bale demands a certain level professionalism, even though he reacted in an "unprofessional way". But I bet that set ran pretty frickin smooth after he was finished. Fear can be a great motivator. Directors sometime purposely piss off actors and confuse them, almost to a degree of emotional torture. This was nothing. Bale had to explode. Oh, you could say, " well..he didn't have to insult him and threaten him...", and I would agree with that. But the case remains Bale is the only one who has seen a set operate at a high level besides Gale Anne Hurd on the whole frickin movie.
  3. Totally forgot to mention in my earlier post....... Dean Cundey! Some great photography not spoken of for reasons I can only imagine. Also, Stephen Burum. Rumble Fish, all I'm saying. Dean Cundey- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005678/ Stephen Burum- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005664/
  4. ...yes, he's been mention. But good call.
  5. These threads regarding "greatest" are really funny considering the subjective nature of it all. What you bring to a viewing helps determine what you take from it. But they are fun... Vasim Yusov, Fritz Arno Wagner, Bedrich Batka, Azakazu Nakai, and Lucien Hayer are all on my list. I wonder what this thread would look like if it were posted on an Italian website? Surely Raoul Coutard or would be mentioned more than once on a French thread? -Jonnie
  6. In no particular order....my top 5 this very second, without thinking about it... -WOMAN IN THE DUNES -ANDREI RUBLEV -RUMBLE FISH -M -MARKETA LAZAROVA
  7. Yeah, I just watched Last Crusade.... I was impressed, again...The castle scenes and the book burning scene were especially reminiscent of Raiders. And I'd have to agree that the overall craftsmanship in all departments was heads above Kingdom. I still have to see Kingdom again, though, due to my seat being in the second row to the extreme right! I could see the pixillation in every letter with a 45% angle in it on the opening titles!!! Also of note were the superb mattes! My god! Why don't they use painters anymore? Don't answer....it's just that sometimes digital mattes are mailed-in by some. Whitlock killed!! Oh, well...a bygone era.....;( -Jonnie
  8. One more note.... The sound in the opening scene was atrocious....the dialogue sounded as if it was over-dubbed with cassette tape from 1980. I actually was thinking, "Is this Harrison Fords voice?" Took me out of the film before it even started, really. But on the look , I'll go see it again (mainly for a better seat!) and give my final opinion. -Jonnie
  9. Can't replicate the look of carbon arcs. Kaminski did his thing....I mean replicating a film look from almost thirty years ago..with todays equiptment? Wish it did look better, but it was good fun and further, I hope they make another. Although I did get a crappy seat (waayyy up front) the film did look muddy and there were too many halo effects around the people, just diffused to hell in some parts for my taste. But, again, the overall film/viewing experience was a treat.
  10. Gaspar Noe does it with all his films. Reg 16mm with x2(2.66) or x1.5(basically 2.0) projector lens mounted in step-up or step-down ring, depends of course. Focusing can be a bitch according to Noe's photographer. Have you seen IRREVERSABLE ? Anamorphic 16mm. There is a great artical in EyeBall magazine about his set-up. Hope this helps a bit. -Jonnie
  11. IMDB is not always accurate. For example they say Andrei Rublev was shot with a Konvas.....it was shot with a Soyuz (sp?). Production pics back this up. COME AND SEE was partially shot with a Konvas for mos shots and I can only imagine a Kinor was also used. They had to record sound some way... -Jonnie
  12. Who cares .....if its done right and in good taste there is nothing wrong with "infleunce" on ones work. I'm like that line in the Queen song, "...JAWS was never my scene and I don't like STAR WARS", but Lucas knows WTF he is doing. We are all products of impression and so is our work. That is the way humans adapt. Very little has ever been done TOTALLY original! Especially in the pop entertainment world, such as genre efforts. One person does something and someone else comes along and puts a twist in it, and then another, etc. and then we stumble into "convention" until someone else comes along..... So, not trying to be an ass, I still don't get it. You say you don't rate SW high anymore. Did you change your mind when you found all this out about influences and such, and if so,....why? Again, I don't like SW but its done in good taste by a person who ubderstands cinema. I could never make it (for multiple reasons :lol: ) but I'd never be ashamed of it, thats fo' shizzle! much ado about nothing.... -Jonnie
  13. Some others have hit on this...but I'll also confirm that they used the 16bl for the original "Making of...". You can see the footage it shot on the extras when viewing the 2-disc version. Also they used an Eclair for some of the THX shooting, at least. That same eclair is still in the Zoetrope studio....If I'm not mistaken, Roman used the exact same camera as the "movie within the movie" filming camera in CQ, which is an excellent film in its' own right!!! Good ole' 2-perf...People are talkin' about it like it's 1966! Awesome. With todays stocks....! I'd cut my mother in half for a Penelope! Aww, well... -Jonnie
  14. Thanks for the update Nathan. I love what this company is doing. They are setting everything up quite nicely! Post chain, everything is going sweet. I love a good company that wants to take the time to it right! I wish Aaton made cars!!! -Jonnie
  15. I swear this seller used to take paypal!!! I know he did! Ask if he can accept it if you want.. -Jonnie
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