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  1. I can now confirm that the Schneider cover nearly S16, very small vignetting on the bottom like the switar. Very usable.
  2. Thanks Volker, unfortunatly it didn't seem to be the problem. I've sent the lens to a very good bolex tech and even him had a hard time correcting it. I believe it is fixed now but it sure was a strange problem considering that the lens was almost brand new.
  3. Hi all, So i've checked all the older threads about focus issues on Bolex and lenses and here's my situation : I have a Bolex H16 SB, wich I think is regular 16 and have tested the camera with four lenses : Vario switar compact 17-85 (Bayo Mount) : No problem Schneider RX 10mm (c mount) : No problem Canon TV zoom 16-100mm(c-mount): No problem and the Vario switar 16-100mm (Bayo Mount) : This one does not focus to infinity when it is set to it's wider end. When it's past the 25mm mark, it starts to get in focus. When I stop down the lens a bit, it seems that it is a bit more in focus but it could be just an impression. I've seen on older threads that if the lens what calibrated for s16, it would have a 1 mm focus problem on regular, but I've talked to the seller and he said the lens was used on a regular 16mm. And the lens looks like new... Now, the previous owner of the camera made a built light-meter, that I have removed but some elements of his modifications are still visible : They are screws on the viewfinder to remove the cover. There is a little thing behind the lens mount, which I think was the measurement cell. I have checked the viewfinder carefully and Diopter setting is set in a correct position, so I think the camera is OK. My guess would be that the focus flange of the vario switar needs to be adjusted and I was wondering if it has any settings or screws to calibrate it.
  4. I wanted to send my camera to him for a conversion but he took one month and 3 emails to just barely respond, what I see here does not reassure me.
  5. Following this, I was wondering if a wide attachment could be used with this lens. I found one that has the same 32mm filer thread and seems to have enough distance for the lens to close focus into it. Anybody ever tried this ? Could it work ?
  6. Came across this video : He's using a Blackmagic micro so it has a super16 sensor. Slight vignette on the side when shooting for 16x9 but for regular 1.66.1 format, it should be alright.
  7. La suite numérique at Lyon and Filmantiq at Paris both have 250D,200T,500T and Tri-X in stock. 30m & 120m, email them for infos on the stocks.
  8. Thanks a lot, if you happen to have some footage or can link me to some that would be awesome. I found very little infos about the schneiders.
  9. Price drop. Vario switar 18-86OE F2.5 C-MOUNT - 210€ Vario switar compact 17-85 F3.5 BAYO - 250€
  10. If it covers the s16 viewfinder of a Bolex, does it mean that it covers/almost covers (slight vignette like the switar 10) ?
  11. Hi, I'd like to know if this lens covers super16 on a Bolex H16. I have not seen any footage online and there are some old posts saying that it covers and some say that it doesnt cover.
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