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  1. Thanks Volker, I will be looking if there is a good deal on this zoom for a future upgrade. Also i found some ND wratten gelatine filters made by a company named IRIX for 15$ I don't know how they hold up but i guess this should do the trick https://www.amazon.com/Irix-Gelatin-Filter-29x29mm-Lenses/dp/B073M4RY13?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  2. Thank you Dom for clearing things out ! I would have liked to use 4x4 filters but it seems a bit complicated/ not in my budget for now with the lens options i have. The compendium looks not that practical either. I feel like I should just use the filter behind the lens, this is gelatine right ? I have the slots but they are filled with old stock kodak filters and are scratched all over the place. Are those filters still being made today ? Would the quality be sufficient to get a good picture in comparaison to using standard 4x4 ?
  3. I have still not found a good lens to own for the bolex h16 RX to use with a clamp on mattebox despite my advanced searches. What I found is the canon 8-64 mm T2.4 and other zeiss zooms that are used with heavier S16mm production cameras, they look really good and pratical (especially the canon, i love the look of it) but it's really something to rent considering it's price. I found a zoom lens that could be good, the Schneider Variogon 18-90mm F.2 . It has a rotating front element but it's a parfocal lens and it is pretty light and can be used with a handgrip on the bolex. (Wich is a problem to use with the kern paillard vario switar, you can't use the grip and it makes shooting handheld not very handy). I saw some footage of the Schneider on BMPCC's and liked the look but I saw nothing using 16mm film. I know that some of these lenses were packed with the Beaulieu R16 camera. I would like to know if there would be any problem to use this lens on a bolex reflex regarding to the prism mechanism ? I found infos that said you could only use non-RX lenses above 50mm otherwise it will create abberations. And you need to stop down the lens to about f3. Is this the case with this lens ? Would it be worse than the vario switar ? If anyone has an answer to this or other lenses recommendations, thanks!
  4. I'm searching for a zoom lens to use with a Bolex H16 reflex, c mount, that covers at least 18mm at the widest. What I would like is to not have a rotating front element so i can use it with a clamp on matte box. I currently have the vario switar 18-85mm f2.5 wich looks fine optically, so something similar or slightly better. Thanks !
  5. Ok, i'll take your word for it and go for some classic 4x4 ND's. Thanks
  6. Thank you Satsuki, i guess i will do that. I also came across a solution that looks very convenient for what i do. See the pictures https://youtu.be/DvK_MUOOtiI?t=220 A guy that uses a 114mm linear polarizer with another square polarizer and so it creates a variable ND when he rotates the dial on his mattebox. He claims that the glass is very good quality so it has very minimal color shift. Looks very smart but i am wondering if there is any drawback to do this instead of simply using square filters ? What do you think ?
  7. Hi, I decided recently to buy a used ARRI LMB-3 Matte box to use with my Sony F3 and FD glass. With this, i bought a used set of 4x4 Tiffen 85ND filters because it was pretty cheap.I got 0 ,.3, .6 and .9. My F3 has only one nd filter build in (a 0.9 i believe, the 1.8 has been removed). But now i just realised that the Tiffens have the 85 color filter build in and are not just some normal NDs (I know it should have been obvious). So from what i read online, i can't stack those filters together because it would affect the color too much. Those are also not IR treated, does it matter ? So my question is : Is it still usable for my configuration ? and can i stack the internal ND with one 4x4 ? Also, i just started to shoot on a Bolex H16RX and would like to know if it is recommanded to shoot with those ? I have some 50D stock so it is already daylight. Thanks !
  8. I'm looking to buy a element technica body armour for the sony pmw-f3, if anyone has this for sale, or just the top plate or maybe an F3 with the armour. Cheers
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