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  1. they ( the Cooke S4 REDS) also have the "I" link built into the lens to relay information back to the recorder.
  2. thanks Bob for your experience on the panel as a workable fixture, I was also fishing for some input on the fixture being used with on board batteries other than the ones sold by the company. Lite panels also sells a battery plate for use with V-lock batteries. However IDX states that the fixture is producing a high amp draw ( according to the specs ) on the battery and that will void your battery warranty. Operating range is 18 to 24 volts for the panel. so while the fixture will strike and run for about an hour, it is doing damage to the battery pack.
  3. equipment is usually "dinged up" by the users in the field. not while stored in a facility. While doing a proper check out of equipment your suppose to be able to pickout the best unit on hand at that time. If the house owns 15 units and 10 are out you probably got the pickens left over by the renters ahead of you.. May I ask what the rental rate was for the units?
  4. focus marks seem a bit odd and close together,
  5. still have a polaroid back for my Bronica... would love to use it again actually.
  6. has anyone had the opportunity to use the 1x1 led panels with battery power? if so which batteries, and what has been your experience with run time, either damaged panels or damaged batteries. thanks
  7. the pixel buffer can only handle a few dead pixels. I think your total amount of pixels is a lot higher and you are only seeing the overflow. gotta send it back to SONY. however they will not be able to turn off all of them.I don't think?? have had to do this to my 900/r3
  8. I would pick the camera manufacturd by the company whose help desk picked up the phone the quickest.
  9. The only thing obsolete proof is the tripod the video camera is setting on.
  10. So whats the deal with an update on the Mini35?? does it not currently work with the H1??
  11. well put by all of the pros that responded to this. another way of putting it is that you are painting with light. without light nothing is revealed. what do you want to reveal in the scene? Have you seen paintings done with the lost ink technique.
  12. could the lens be the issue? are you sure flange was set correctly. any test footage with focus and registration checked ??
  13. I believe that camera does not have any XLR mic inputs. you should invest in a beachteck audio adapter with two input channels and 48volt power. then the world of mics will open up for you. a good shotgun mic is really what youwhould start with, higher the price the better the sould. senn 416 or better. that mic will still be sounding good long after that camera is donated to goodwill. try different angles with any mic you get, and be aware of what is in the line of sight directly behind the subject. good luck
  14. IDX also has a stackable battery So when the light comes on you can piggyback a fresh one on the drained one, until your at a safe spot to shut down camera. Bad thing about V-lock batts is that you lose that cool AB bolt on plate that screws on the side for mounting wireless receivers etc.
  15. The only lens I got a look at was a not yet in production prototype. it was even clean of any model number. standard eng style lens. There will probably be a wide adapter made, but no mention of any other glass out there that I know of. all of these 1/2 lenses are powered by pins located in the mount. the body also has a power port on the side for standard B4 2/3 lens, and you can use an adapter for 2/3 lens.
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