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  1. That's major cool. Rodney is a great DP. I love his style.
  2. Another Shannon W. Rawls @ Cinema Hill production for ya.... Directed & Edited by my man "MO". Captured in a few days with one of my "B" XL-H1 here in Los Angeles with a few excellent crew people I found & hired from www.IndustryGigs.com. Downloadable in: ipod - Small - Medium - Large - HD (480p) No in-camera color tampering on this one. All correction was done with your basic Apple&Adobe tools. p.s. don't be alarmed when you see the 3 stock footage clips we borrowed from a popular movie, LOL. we promise to give them back when we get the money to shoot it ourselves. *smile* Direct link to trailers: http://www.tripleoseven.com/trailer.html Learn more here: http://070707.cinemahill.com if you have any questions about anything, just reply.
  3. Every spec you gave is absolutely incorrect. Quite amazing, actually.
  4. Ted, are you a mole from some pharmaceutical, energy, oil or large camera company? You sound like a C&H Sugar employee when Sweet-n-Low had a better idea in 1957. LOL Just kick back and let RED do their thang. When their finished, give them your friendly thoughts.
  5. I am making available a lens that you cannot even buy from a store if you wanted to.........It's the highly coveted Canon XL series 20x HIGH DEFINTION lens. You know, the one that comes with evevry $9000 Canon XL-H1 HD camera; the all black one. If you had to buy this lens as a replacement from Canon, they would charge you $3000.00 USD. As some of you who already know me, know that I have many Canon XL-H1 cameras. Therefore you probably realize that I have too many of these 20x HD lenses. What I don't have is a 16x manual and a 3x wide SD lens. I am in need of those two lenses. So today I am willing to trade a new Canon HD lens for a used 16x manual and a used 3x wide. 20x HD Lens Condition: do you even need to ask? Just consider it brand new! In fact, I'll let you pick the one you want, since they are all in perfect condition. XL1s & XL2 users: This lens produces a better image then the one that came with your camera. This is especially good for XL2 users, who will immediately notice a quality difference. Terms: Even trade Cash Purchase: Yes, just give me the money it would cost me to buy what I need and that's fine too. Method: I'm in Los Angeles. We can meet up in a dark wet alley filled with trash, rats and hookers and do the deal like a 1920's moonshine smuggling trade.....or maybe a Starbucks, whichever works for you. *smile* If you're out of town, ummmm, heck I dunno, I guess that depends on how popular you are. We'll figure something out. So there's the deal. Email me, PM me or IM me.
  6. Daniel, ...here, let me help you... Basically, the short answer is NO. You will have to get an XL-H1 camera to playback your 25F footage. When the XL-H1 records it's progressive footage in the F format, it is recoding a no frills 24, 25 or 30 progressive frame every second at 1080 verticle lines of resolution. There is no pulldown and it is not over a 60i format like Sony. The reason your tape did not work with the Sony deck or camera is because Sony's method of recording the CF format in 24, 25 & 30 type of 1080 HDV is always over 60i. This is why the Canon XL-H1 can playback ALL TYPES of modes recorded by Sony HDV cameras with no problems, but Sony can only playback ONE TYPE of the Canon format, which is 60i. 24F, 25F & 30F needs to be played back using the XL-H1 camera, because there is no deck available as of date. HOWEVER, THERE'S AN OPTION.... Canon has just released (and is now available) a consumer camera called the CANON HV10 which records HDV in 60i only. BUT, this camera will "playback" 24f, 25f or 30f recorded frootage with ease. Another nice feature the HV10 has is the ability to convert HD footage in realtime to "letterboxed" SD for viewing on a non HDTV. So there you have it. Those are your options. I hope that helps,
  7. A MacBook Pro (any version) would cut through HDV like hot butter. It woud be as easy as DV on that portable computer. And Final Cut Pro handles all versions, modes & frame rates of HDV (even the Canon A1/G1). Not to metion, you can always (in realtime) transcode to AIC which gives you many more realtime effects in FCP then DVCPROHD does. Moreover, it would be full raster HD @ 1920x1080 rather then DVCPROHD which is not. All this to say.....please do your homework before buying anything.
  8. Not true. Currently there is NO WAY for PC or MAC users to capture HD-SDI using a notebook/portable computer of any kind. People are waiting and there is a german company in the works on a PC Card that will do it, but currently no company offers this at all. Desktop computers are your only option.
  9. Remember, a single reservation can hold up to 5 cameras.
  10. Matt, who said anything about being 'technically' identical. I beleive I did define it. Please read the word I wrote right before I wrote the word "identical". *smile*
  11. Jan to answer your question exactly as you've asked it. The answer is NO in my humble opinion. I beleive if you were to aquire footage in HDV and have the camera itself downconvert that HDV to DV via firewire, then the footge will look identical to if you aquire it in DV and captured via firewire. The question I have for you is, why "wouldn't" you aquire your footage in HDV? Now remember, I say this only because I've tested it using this method and that's the result I got. HOWEVER, when I downconverted HDV to MPEG2 to make a DVD or I downconverted HDV to DV using a NLE...the result was NOTICABLY better. This is why I suggest people who own HD cameras, always shoot HD.
  12. But he's very polite. *smile*
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